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Home Office Improvement: 5 Tips on How to Use Painting Guns

Home Office Improvement: 5 Tips on How to Use Painting Guns

Painting your home or office is an essential aspect that should not be overlooked. This aspect always adds value to your building, thus improving its functionality. This means that you should consider using high-quality paints, which can provide thicker and longer-lasting protection against elements. While in the process of your paint projects, keep the following tips in mind for faster, smoother, and appealing results.

Avoid Lap Marks

These ugly stripes caused by uneven layers of paint buildup should be avoided. Since they occur when you roll over paint that is in partial dry conditions, they can be prevented by maintaining a wet edge. This means that each stroke of your roller should overlap the previous stroke before the paint begins to dry. For you to be able to maintain a wet edge, always start near a corner while running the roller up and down the full height of the wall. You should keep the open sides of the roller frame facing the areas which are painted already.

Always Clean Dirty Surfaces Before Painting

Cleaning grimy areas before painting is paramount. Use cleaners such as a deglosser or heavy duty cleaner, which are mostly used for pre-paint cleaning. This is because the cleaners are very ideal for cleaning oily and greasy areas such as bathrooms. While cleaning, always begin from the bottom upwards while wiping the cleaner in a circular motion using an abrasive pad. These cleaners are mostly available in paint stores.

Always Mix Several Cans of Paint in One Large Bucket for Consistency

There are some cases where paint colors vary from one can to another. This variation may be noticed if you use paint from a new different can while in the middle of painting a wall. To avoid such technicalities, always mix the paint together in one gallon in relation to the estimated coverage. When it is difficult to estimate the coverage, add more rather than less. If you are dealing with large jobs, you can opt for some great electric painting guns on the market.

Make Use of Tape to Achieve a Perfect Edge

Always apply painter’s tape before you start painting in order to achieve perfect edges. Since paint can form a film between the wall and the tape, it is important to cut it loose before removing it. This can be done using a sharp utility knife to cut through the film. This painter’s tape can be successfully removed when the paint is completely dry. This will help you avoid tearing pieces of dried paint off the wall.

Prime and Texture the Wall Patches

In most cases, newly decorated walls often look dappled. Although the color looks uniform, the sheen is never consistent. Usually, this occurs over the cracks and holes you could have patched with fillers, causing the porous fillers to absorb the paint and dull the surface. For this reason, you should make use of primer in order to seal the patch, hence preventing paint from sinking.

Painting enhances the appearance of your office and home environment overall. The colors can invoke positive feelings which will make your home office a productive atmosphere to be in. For this reason, try the above tips to make your office or home more attractive.

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