How to Develop a Resume for a Side Job

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for a side job, you should know that your resume needs to show your experience and skills. This is because a good resume can help you to stand out from the masses. In fact, a career summary is very common, so you need to create your resume with a solid strategy behind it to land a side hustle. A professionally developed resume which highlights the relevant qualifications and skills for a side job will help entrepreneurs get chosen for the interview.

The resume should be simple to read, clear, consistent and concise. It is important to know that a resume never receives a second glance from a recruiter, so you need to grab the attention of him or her when they first lay their eyes on it. This article offers a few resume writing tips which will help you get noticed and aid you in getting called in for an in-person interview.

Writing guidelines

Before writing the resume objective, take some moments to reflect on where exactly you are in life and what you want to acheive in the future. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Why do you need a side job?
  • Would you be able to balance your business with this job? If not, then why?
  • What can you bring to the table which will truly appeal to a potential recruiter?
  • What would your ideal part-time job position look like?
  • Are there opportunities you are uniquely passionate about?
  • What do you actually need from a side job?

These questions do not have any wrong or right answers. Instead, they can give you a proper idea of how to draft your resume. Initially, you need to determine what type of side job you are looking to attain. Most job postings will list the required qualifications and skills. Once you assess that information, you can use the resume to demonstrate you are the right applicant for the position.

Tips to develop a resume

Here are a few straightforward tips to write your resume for the side job:

  • Select the right size and font

It is essential to select a font size and font which is legible as well as leaves sufficient white space. Also, you need to keep the style features to a minimum.

  • Review resume examples

You can read through free resume samples which fit an array of recruitment situations. These kinds of sample resumes will present you with formats which can work effectively for most entrepreneurs. They will aid you in being aware of what kinds of details you will need to include.

  • Refer to the right resume template

Resume templates can help you to write up your resume quickly and coherently. You can add the information to any resume template and tweak as well as edit it to give a unique personality to your resume. It can help you to highlight your abilities and skills.

Proof the resume

Be certain to edit the resume properly before sending it to recruiters. You can check for spelling and grammar errors and style inconsistencies. Consider requesting a career counselor or friend to read over the resume. You can also review resume writing tips online to create an error-free and consistent resume. Allocate your full attention to these pieces of advice and best of luck on your interviews for your next side gig!

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