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How to Keep Your Home and Business Secure

How to Keep Your Home and Business Secure

For most people, keeping their home secure is of great importance, but if you work from home it’s going to be of much greater value. All of a sudden now, if your home is not secure, both your home and job are at risk!

To this end, we’re going to run through a few top tips on how you can keep your home and business secure.

1. Make sure your doors are secure

Home Security Store released an infographic showing the most common entry points for a break in. Shockingly it showed that 33% of burglars enter through the front door. So, make a full inspection of, not only of the front but all the doors to your house! Make sure the frames are sturdy, locks are secure and, if you have a letterbox, that someone couldn’t reach through it to unlock the door. Similarly, if there is a glass pane near the door, ensure that it cannot be easily broken, allowing someone to drop their hand through and unlock it from the inside.

2. Don’t store keys and valuables near the front door

A lot of people have one of those lovely, trendy little dishes near the front door, where they can drop their wallet and keys when they come in, or maybe they have some lovely key hooks by the front door. Make sure any keys are stored further in the house. Thieves have been known to get quite creative, building pipe and coat hanger contraptions to hook and pull keys through people’s letterboxes!


This may sound like overkill, but if your business is located at your home, you should have the place properly monitored. Most businesses have CCTV installed, so yours should too. There are many high tech systems now available, including those that can send a notification to your smartphone if a movement is detected near your property. This means you can leave your property relaxed with the knowledge that you’ll be notified if any unwarranted activity happens around your property.

4. Security gates for your security

As much as all of the above is important, if someone cannot easily get near the property, this may stop them at the first hurdle. This first line of defense will make it less likely for opportunists to spot anything they want as they pass your property and may be an ample deterrent as they may figure that moving their ill-gotten gains from your property will be too much trouble to be worth their while.

There are many different types of gates available, and Portcullis Gates have a great range that we’d recommend checking out!

5. Alarm system

Once you’ve got the first line of defense down, the next line is the property alarm system. As before, these vary greatly, such as those that will trigger when an intruder enters the grounds of your property or when someone breaches the threshold of your home itself. You should, of course, go for the best you can fit in within your budget. To help with this, PC Mag has compiled a great list of the best alarm systems you can find in 2018.

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