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How to Save Time as an E-commerce Marketer – 6 Ways

How to Save Time as an E-commerce Marketer – 6 Ways

Contributed by Cass Polzin, co-founder of Zealous Advertising and content writer at Missinglettr, has been blogging for nearly a decade, turning her hobby into a career.

As an e-commerce owner, you have a lot to juggle. It can be hard to manage everything from launching new products, marketing to your audience, driving traffic, and influencing sales. This is especially true if you’re a small team.

Unfortunately, all of these efforts are essential to growing your business. If you don’t market your store, you won’t drive traffic. If you don’t drive visitors to your website, you won’t sell products. So, how can you successfully market your e-commerce store while still managing all the other aspects of your business?

Utilize Royalty-free Images When Possible

While it’s awesome to use high-quality product photography for your business, taking unique photos can be incredibly time-consuming. Whether it be on your blog or in social media posts, consider using royalty-free images from sites like Unsplash or Pexels. That way, your brand will still appear professional, but you won’t have to spend hours shooting, curating, and editing product shots.

Build Graphic Templates

Whether you’re using original or stock photography, the next thing you’ll need to do is edit your content to fit the intended platform. Images will need to be different sizes for your website, social media channels, email newsletters, and more. It’s also a good idea to add your logo or website to social media images and relevant copy to email graphics.

Use a tool like Figma or Canva to develop replicable templates you can use each time you need to make an image. Instead of digging to find the necessary graphic dimensions and starting from scratch on an edit, you can just duplicate your template and update the necessary elements.

Use Drip Campaigns to Promote New Products

Each time you release a new product, it’s essential also to launch a campaign promoting it. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to remember to promote all of your products, and it takes a lot of time to create social media posts each day manually.

Instead, when you release products, queue up a twelve-month drip campaign at the same time. Using a tool like Missinglettr, you can ensure each product you launch is promoted at an optimal frequency. Just add the URL of your product to Missinglettr, then the tool will automatically begin building a campaign promoting it. You just have to review the content and hit approve for it to launch.

In twelve months after your campaign has finished, you can queue up another promoting the product. But first, review the results of your last campaign to see what drove the most traffic. Then, optimize your campaign by looking for patterns in the posts that performed the best and implementing those tactics.

Drip campaigns don’t need to last for an entire year either. If you’re running a weekend sale or a month-long promotion, you can build a campaign that lasts for the same amount of time, reminding your followers of the offer.

Curate External Content to Fill Your Social Media Feeds

Your social media feeds shouldn’t just promote your newest products or the sales you’re running. Instead, you should include valuable thought-leadership content designed to help your audience. Content curation is an effective way to fill out your social media feeds with valuable content. However, when done manually, it can take much longer than developing unique content — first, you have to find an article to share, then you need to create a post explaining why people should read, and finally, you have to make a corresponding image.

With Missinglettr, you can select the interest categories that align with your target audience and see content others have shared in the library. From there, it’s easy to review a ready-made social media post and add it to your queue. You can even share different versions of the post depending on the platform you’re posting to.

Retain and Upsell to Past Customers

It’s time-consuming and costly to acquire new customers. In fact, you may spend five times as much money on attracting a new customer as you do to retain an existing one. When you focus on upselling and retaining existing customers, you can drive more revenue with less effort. Consider using email marketing campaigns to reach out to past customers, asking about their experience and sharing new products.

Drive Insane Traffic as an E-commerce Marketer

By following these tips, you won’t just save time on your marketing efforts. You’ll also be able to drive insane traffic. Each of these strategies is designed to optimize your time so you can get the most results out of your actions. Best of all, you can get started with almost all the tools mentioned above completely free.


Cass Polzin, co-founder of Zealous Advertising and content writer at Missinglettr, has been blogging for nearly a decade, turning her hobby into a career. After supporting dozens of startups and B2B SaaS companies with inbound marketing and copywriting through an agency, she decided to take the jump into entrepreneurship and co-founded Zealous. Today, she supports organizations of all sizes & industries with their content marketing and SEO efforts.

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