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Is drop shipping still successful in 2018?

Is drop shipping still successful in 2018?

Adapting businesses to the latest trends is what keeps them going. If you stick to traditional methods, your business will sink in no time even if those particular strategies boosted your business previously. Drop shipping is a model that has been around for some time now. Some would say it is the best thing for their business while the others would totally disagree. The reason being the difference of nature of businesses along with the varying approaches. Here are a few factors that will help you determine if drop shipping is for you or not.

High competition scale

One thing that makes drop shipping very attractive is the fact that such a business requires almost no investment. This opens the gates of the drop shipping business world to everyone who wants to start a business. Since things have been made easy, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of people in pretty much the same business category as you. There is high competition and the truth is, some of these people will be better than you. They’ll be selling the same products in cheaper prices just because they have direct links with the supplier. If you can cope with such a high scale of competitors, you’ll definitely be successful.

Risk of frauds

There is practically nothing in the world that won’t have loopholes. These loopholes are taken advantage of by frauds to scam people who have little knowledge. A lot of suppliers will do the same. Small startups will usually be attracted by cheaper rates without considering the risks. If you’re not so amateur, drop shipping is successful for you.

Low input, low output

As previously mentioned, people love the fact that drop shipping businesses require zero investment. However, they don’t realise that minimal input will not bring them huge profits either. There is a very tight profit margin in drop shipping businesses. The suppliers generally offer a 20% discount. That is your ultimate profit. But, there’s a chance you’ll have to lower your cut and offer minimal prices to attract customers. This is specially important in case of high competition niches. If you’re okay with that, drop shipping will be a success for you.

Branding issues

You’ll always be just the platform where another brand’s products are being sold. Since you’re not the manufacturer, you can’t really develop a specific brand identity. The only thing you can do is build an image for your service. If you’re successful in that, drop shipping will be a win for you.


Your business isn’t only run by your clock. Yes, you deal with the clients but the ultimate product shipment and handling is done by the supplier. This makes you highly dependent on the supplier in case of return policies, shipment timing, etc. The process of communication also elongates. Hence, you can’t offer instant response to the queries of your clients.

Like anything else in the world, this business model has challenges too. If you find strategies to cope with them, drop shipping will definitely be successful for you.

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