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Live Email to Outlook Transfer – Features & Benefits

Live Email to Outlook Transfer – Features & Benefits

E-mail has remained the most popular tool for business communications for several decades. There is no surprise there. Email services are easy and convenient to use; they can store lots of information and help you stay in touch with people 24 hours a day. What is more, apart from the ordinary “send/receive email” functions, modern services allow their users to create tasks, set up reminders, and manage their calendars, which greatly simplifies the working process.

All these benefits explain why an e-mail service is an essential tool for any business today. And just as a modern businessperson needs to always be in communication to not miss an important call, in the current realities, it is critical to respond promptly to an email. The amounts of data transmitted over the online network often reaches tens to hundreds of megabytes, or even gigabytes. Some of these messages can contain extremely important information and tasks that you need to perform. Therefore, when it comes to transferring live mail to Outlook with the ability to view source it is crucial to use trusted services so you do not lose any important piece of data.

Key Features of Email Transfer Tools

There can be many reasons explaining why people may need to enact an email data transfer. Email is vital for ecommerce business owners looking to build contacts and saving the information in a safe place is smart. Someone may have switched to a different email address; some people may want to have a backup copy of crucial info. Whatever the reason is, exporting your contacts and email data is never superfluous. This is a simple and quick operation, which in the long run will help you a lot.

If you are thinking about doing an email files transmit, Live Mail to Outlook Transfer is a great tool for you to consider. It is an ideal apparatus for users who are searching for a solution to converting EML to PST. Easy use, extended functions, and lots of transfer opportunities are guaranteed. Among the main key features of the tool are the following ones:

  • Email encoding conversion;
  • Email storage support (regardless of its size);
  • EML email file import (to both standalone PST file and Outlook profile);
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Support of all Outlook versions.

On top of that, Live Mail to Outlook Transfer is a cost-effective solution since it is not necessary to buy a subscription to use the tool. It is simply enough to pay just once based on the amount of converted data. You will be asked to pay $4.96 for 1 gigabyte of processed information. Live Mail to Outlook Transfer is good to use for managing any amounts of info; you can transfer even 10-20 gigabytes of data at a time. Keep all your email files in a safe place with Live Mail to Outlook Transfer.

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