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Mattress In A Box for Better Quality Sleep, Relaxation, and a Successful Workday

Mattress In A Box for Better Quality Sleep, Relaxation, and a Successful Workday

More than 25% of people’s lives are spent in bed, so it is crucial to get a good mattress for a solid amount of sleep. More sleep equates to getting more work done and checking off items on your home business’s to-do list quickly each day. Finding and purchasing a mattress is an important endeavor but is not thrilling. Going from one showroom to another or to retailers’ websites isn’t everyone’s idea of having fun. That time could be spent focused on completing different business projects, but alas, buying a mattress must be given your full attention.

Greeting the overzealous salesperson, who tries to persuade you to buy the most expensive mattress, is frustrating. After handling this annoying and tiring mattress-shopping process, getting it into the house, especially upstairs, is quite the dilemma.

Signs you need a new mattress

  • Place a thin long and flat stick or object on the mattress. Now, slip your fingers between the mattress and object. If you are successful, you should go shopping for a new mattress.
  • You always suffer from back pain, especially when you wake up in the morning.
  • You experience restless nights with the turning and tossing when trying to get comfortable.

Mattresses have evolved

Gone are the days when people needed to haul mattresses in trucks to homes. In addition, there was the concern of getting a double mattress into elevators and through doors and then all the way upstairs.

Today, a mattress in a box is growing popular because it is convenient, affordable, comfortable, and buying it has been totally revolutionized.

What is a mattress-in-a-box?

Today, manufacturers of mattresses are using advanced technology which helps them to deliver premium quality mattress-in-a-box shipments. These arrive safely at people’s doorsteps packaged nicely and compactly.

A mattress-in-a-box is designed from a special kind of foam which can be compressed and rolled to fit in a shipping box. It then bounces back and regains its original shape when you remove it from the box.

Different Kinds of These Mattresses

You get three filling options, including:

Memory foam

  • Foam technology is designed to fit every body shape.
  • Adjusts according to body pressure.
  • Relieves backaches and body stress.
  • It even regains its original shape even after you compress, roll or box it.

Latex foam

  • Synthetic and natural latex are combined to design latex foam.
  • It is nice and breathable.
  • Allows your body to remain warm.
  • The best option for people who prefer a firm mattress.
  • It is durable and flexible.

Hybrid foam

  • Blend of latex and memory foam.
  • Best if you find support and comfort of memory foam appealing.
  • Hybrid foam is much cooler for people who don’t enjoy heat retention.

Benefits of buying a mattress-in-a-box

The traditional mattress-buying process is not the definition of fun but buying a mattress-in-a-box online is relatively enjoyable. It can help you avoid stress-related scenarios. Here is how:

  • Convenient – Shopping online is seamless. In a few clicks you can order your desired mattress-in-a-box and have it delivered to your doorstep.
  • Saves time – Shopping can be done from your home office during work breaks without investing hours during the weekend driving through traffic around town hunting for the ideal mattress. Online mattress shopping helps to save time which can be dedicated to growing your marketing plans or developing new sales strategies for your company.
  • No pushy salespeople – Browse freely without the burden of pushy salespeople. Pop-up chat services are used to directly communicate with clients, but interacting depends on you.
  • Online assistance – In case of doubts or clarifications, you can email or phone the company. Queries get resolved by their support services. The team members will be familiar with every aspect related to a mattress-in-a-box, ranging from the manufacturing process, materials to the buying process.
  • Good quality – If price is your concern then remember you will get a superior quality mattress-in-a-box designed with lasting comfort and durability in mind.
  • Affordable – An online mattress-in-a-box is less expensive than buying a mattress in a local store. You get a cheaper product because online retailers don’t need to bear the burden of operating a brick and mortar store.
  • Cheap delivery fees – A mattress-in-a-box, because of its compact packaging, is transported easily through regular delivery services. Many online retailers even offer free shipping. Thus, you can save on delivery charges.
  • Shipped to your doorstep – It is a compact box, so you can personally carry it to your bedroom without any damages done to the walls.
  • Trial period – If you are concerned about not being able to test out the mattress before ordering it, then rest assured as you are often offered lengthy trial periods, the maximum usually being three months. Thus, you can sleep on this new mattress and after the trial period you will know if the product is right or not. If you are not satisfied, then return it and get a refund.
  • Easy installation – Open the box in the room where it will be situated. Cut the plastic wrap with scissors and the mattress will expand in ten minutes.

Mattress-in-a-box will contribute a huge role in your future personal and professional success because good sleep each night is important for a person’s overall health and ability to grow a thriving business. If you want to see your home business continue to take off to greater heights in the years to come, choosing this type of mattress may be a step in the right direction.

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