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Profitable Blogging Topics for Your Fitness Blog or Business

Profitable Blogging Topics for Your Fitness Blog or Business

“You can make money blogging” the internet ad proclaimed. I believe this ad had to be the third course along this genre that I was about to purchase.

It was 2013, and I was fed up with working my monotonous day job as a customer service advisor in a call center. It was a dead-end position with no end in sight.

Folks had grown old and died in this role.

Neither of the two previous courses I had purchased about “how to blog” had helped me. But that wasn’t about to dissuade me from buying yet another one.

I chose one of my favorite hobbies — cycling — and began putting up one blog post every other day. Every day, I would examine my statistics to see what worked and what needed refinement.

Quickly, my site grew to be THE resource for the budget-conscious cyclist Fast-forward to a year later, and I was making enough money from my blogging to cover my rent and utilities.

It was enough money to allow me to set significant savings back month after month and to feel — for the first time — like I was making headway on my financial goal.

It turns out that I didn’t need a fancy course. I just needed reliable information about keyword research and how to create blog posts that your audience will love.

Here are the key points you should know before you start your blog.

Each Blog Post Should Have A Purpose

Ultimately, your blog needs to drive revenue. Some bloggers do that with display ads. If ad clicks are your primary source of income, then you will want to invest in catchy titles and eye-catching images.

Most successful blogs rely heavily on product sales (either a product of the blog owners or via commissions on the number of transactions referred to a partner site) to create revenue.

This profit model means that even your most entertaining blog posts need to have a goal of enticing the customer towards your more “product focused” blog posts that can then lead them closer to making a purchase.

Finding the balance between being entertaining and yet encouraging readers to complete transactions is a tricky balancing act. However, by watching your statistics on a weekly basis, you can quickly get an idea of what topics keep your readers coming back time and time again.

Follow Your Suppliers’ Lead

It may seem counter-intuitive, but your reader is not your only customer.

Whether you are selling ad space or products, your primary customer is the vendor that you are promoting.

These vendors are the ones who put the dollars in your pocket.

This focus on the vendors does not only mean staying within their marketing guidelines. It also emphasizes crafting topics that will appeal to their readers.

For example, you might be a personal trainer who wants more business. However, you can also partner with supplement sites to sell weight loss supplements.

So, to create relevant blog posts, you want to dig into your customer’s profile.

Who wants to lose weight? What is their motivation for doing so? What other resources will they have tried before they get to your solution? What are their frustrations?

Suddenly you are on a research mission to understand what makes one pill a better purchase than the other. You can also create posts about the best fat-burning workouts, the reason the Hollywood Diet doesn’t work and whether “Nutrition” or “Calorie counting” is the more important factor in weight management.

These posts help promote the supplements, while also being extremely helpful to your readers.

Going to your advertiser’s website and looking at their blog posts and products can give you an endless supply of ideas on items you can promote.

If you get stuck, take one of their products and go to one of these platforms to get a better idea of what questions the users have about them.


Google search offers a wealth of keyword ideas. Their drop-down, auto-suggest box provides excellent ideas that you can incorporate into your next blog post. And, at the end of each search page, is a list of related topics. These topics can lead you in the direction of new queries that you can incorporate on your page.


This question and answer site is rising in popularity. Take any topic, and you are bound to find plenty of questions surrounding it. The trick with this site is to not write off any question as too simplistic. If one person has that question, you can bet another reader will, too. Add these vital pieces of information into your post and reap the benefits of added search traffic as the helpfulness of your site increases.


This popular online forum has a niche for everything and a convenient search bar and ranking system to help you hone in on what the readers find to be helpful. As you peruse this site, take a tip from the top Redditors and find a unique, personable, angle to include on your blog.

Real-life experiences always win the day, as you can see by the growing popularity of this site.


YouTube brings a new type of creativity to the internet.

Watch how they construct their videos and tell the story.

And then use that same story-telling technique in your blog post.

Attention span is at an all-time low.

The most successful YouTube channels know how to capitalize on that precious attention span.

We bloggers can learn a lot from them in learning how to compose our blog posts in a manner that delivers the pieces of information our readers want in a way that will keep them engaged.

Watch The Competition

Competition is a good thing. Competition means that there is enough money in the niche to attract someone else’s attention.

Use your competitor’s site to your advantage. Subscribe to their email lists. Grab their RSS feed so you are the first one notified of new blog posts.

And then find a way to cover the same topics that they cover, only make it better.

Perhaps there are unanswered questions in the comments section. Add those to your site for the next time a reader has that question.

Every time your competition is lazy, you have the opportunity to step up to the plate and use their laziness to make your fitness site shine a little brighter.

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