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Reaching Millennials Through Print: A Guide for Small Businesses

Reaching Millennials Through Print: A Guide for Small Businesses



Millennials have a very strange reputation as being almost these completely alien beings that other generations simply can’t understand. They’re flaky, they’re artistic, they’re ‘hip’, and they can’t hold down a job. They like growing bears, enjoying things ironically, and being cynical. That’s what we’re dealing with here.

But seeing as Millennials are often thought to be those born any time from the 80s to the millennium, they’re also the largest and most important demographic for a large range of different businesses. In other words, you can’t afford to ‘not understand them’ – you need to get inside their heads and learn to speak their language.

But be careful! There is nothing more cringeworthy than a stuffy company trying to be ‘down with the youth’ and getting it entirely wrong. Here is how you go about doing it the right way.

And why print media plays a surprisingly large role.

Understanding the Millennial Mindset

The key is to understand the mindset of the millennial. A millennial is someone who has grown up with technology, and with access to the internet. They were there during the birth of the web and tech as we know it, so they understand it well. They’ve grown up being exposed to a far wider range of experiences and opportunities as a result, and they have seen their own lifestyles reflected back at them – developing perhaps a sense of narcissism.

The jobs market has been hard around the world, so has the economy. And in short, many millennials are far more worldly, more aspirational, and less interested in shallower pursuits such as wearing a suit and driving around in a BMW.

In short, millennials are largely more interested in living a high-quality life and in learning more about themselves and the world around them.

Marketing to the Millennial Mindset

With that in mind, it starts to become more apparent why certain movements are as successful as they are. The whole foods market? That’s been a massive hit because millennials are now more concerned with what they put in their bodies and where their food comes from. They’re better educated and they’re not willing to accept what’s put in front of them.

So, a business that attempts to shout about its special offers and how ‘cool’ or ‘sexy’ its products are will fail.

To succeed as a business targeting millennials, you need to stand for something. You need a strong mission statement and brand identity that doesn’t try and appeal to as many people as possible. Know what you stand for and then pursue that vigorously in the way you develop your products and services and the way you market them.

That is how you will build true fans and that is the best way to appeal to a millennial audience.

The Power of Print

The reason print is so powerful in this regard, is because it is more ‘authentic’ and tangible. If you can print that message and then show it on something that someone can hold, then it will have far more weight and gravitas than an ad on a screen. Show that you care enough to invest in printing and create something that you can be proud of, that is pleasant to look at and hold. Even with your marketing.

At the same time, this effort will demonstrate you value your audience and don’t just think of them as cash cows. Give them something in return for their loyalty and don’t give them any reason to be cynical of your strategy. Find a Sacramento mailing agency, or a mailing agency in your area, and think about how you’re going to communicate with that audience in a meaningful way.

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