ROCCAT Introduces New Gaming Must-Haves for Entrepreneurs Who Love Unwinding With Fortnite

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs love blowing off steam at the end of a long workday by playing interactive games like the massively popular Fortnite. Gaming is a great hobby for entrepreneurs, as it allows them to have fun with friends while also enhancing skills like problem-solving and practicing teamwork. For business owners who love to game, ROCCAT‘s new Kone AIMO gaming mouse and Khan Pro Headset are sure to be a hit.

Gaming is also a fantastic way for entrepreneurs to practice quick decision-making–a skill essential for running a business. ROCCAT’s new premium RGBA Kone gaming mouse further enhances this skill with its Easy-Shift [+] Technology that lets you assign a secondary function to the mouse’s buttons, increasing control and functionality. It also has a patented ROCCAT® Owl-Eye optical sensor with adjustable dpi for better cursor control.

Featuring an ergonomic Kone shape for comfort, this innovative mouse also features an AIMO intelligent Living Light lighting system that adapts to your play the more it’s used. It also evolves when combined with additional AIMO products, creating a unique lighting experience. Tech-loving entrepreneurs will also love how they can independently configure the RGBA multi-zone illumination system for a customized look.

Angled in line with the natural position and shape of your ear, the Khan Pro headset is also the first Hi-Res Audio compatible gaming headset that delivers richer highs, mids & lows

In addition to the Kone AIMO gaming mouse, ROCCAT’s Khan Pro gaming headset will take an entrepreneur’s gaming experience to the next level. The groundbreaking Khan Pro is the first Hi-Res Audio compatible gaming headset and it delivers richer highs, mids & lows so you can pinpoint opponent locations with ease. Its high speed drivers eliminate lag and muddiness, and its passive noise cancellation means it works great even in noisy environments. It’s the headset that beats the competition in every aspect.

Feather light at just 230g, the Khan Pro headset also features subtle bass, 95° rotatable hinges that ensure a perfect fit for all head sizes, and a high quality, robust design with stainless steel sliders. Fantastic for competitive play, the Khan Pro’s shape also conforms to the natural shape of your ears for unsurpassable comfort. Compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One and most mobile devices for multi-platform use, the Khan Pro also responds between 10-40000Hz, allowing it to hit the lowest lows and the highest highs.

ROCCAT‘s new Kone AIMO gaming mouse retails for $79.99 and the Khan Pro Headset retails for $99.99. To view these essentials and browse all of ROCCOT’s innovative gaming essentials, visit

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