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Sisense Boto Brings The Future To Your Fingertips

Sisense Boto Brings The Future To Your Fingertips

This week at Eureka!, our customer conference, I was beyond excited that we announced a major milestone for Sisense. We are now making data science and machine learning based analytics free for non-Sisense users. In a first and big step in a long-standing commitment to innovation, Sisense Labs has released a brand-new bot available on Slack, Skype, and Facebook Messenger: Sisense Boto.

The Future Is Closer Than You Think

You might be thinking: What’s the big deal with this release? Doesn’t Sisense already have a chatbot on the market?

The short answer is yes. We were the first to release a full-fledged chatbot framework to our customers back in 2016 and since then have invested a lot of time to improve and enhance its capabilities. However, with Sisense Boto, we are now taking a major step toward our vision of making analytics truly available for everyone, everywhere.

Starting today, we have decoupled Sisense Boto from the need for the user to authenticate to a Sisense BI platform instance in order to derive value from it, making it available to any of our customer’s employees for basic insights access. For free.

Why would we do such a thing? It’s our core belief as an organization that modern analytics is akin to literacy and needs to be both ubiquitous and easily accessible by all in order to reap its benefits.


How Exactly Does Sisense Boto Work?

How can users interact with such an advanced analytics tool without even having to authenticate to a Sisense instance? This is precisely where the AI and machine learning revolution in our industry kicks in.

We spent an immense amount of time simplifying the Sisense Boto interaction by leveraging our own data science and machine learning tool, InsightMiner. We also integrated our natural language capabilities, powered by our partner Narrative Science, in order to allow for human level conversation.

The result is an extremely simple and intuitive user experience. All users have to do is drag and drop a CSV file with their own data into Sisense Boto and allow it to go to work. Sisense Boto runs advanced analysis on the dataset in the background – jumpstarting pattern and anomaly detection, sharpening focus for deeper data analysis, unearthing hidden insights, and allowing users to share these insights with colleagues and friends directly from the chat interface.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Sisense Labs is where innovation happens. We are creating solutions for how people will consume data in the next five years, turning the latest cutting-edge technology into new opportunities that can be used by everyone, everywhere. We are now pursuing radically new ways to handle visualizations, to ingest and disseminate insights, to apply neural networks to really big data, and much more.

Stay tuned. Sisense Boto is just the beginning.

Want to try out Sisense Boto for yourself? Simply add it as your contact in Slack, Skype, or Messenger and get started instantly.

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