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Time is Money: Are You Properly Delegating Tasks to Maximize Your Productivity?

Time is Money: Are You Properly Delegating Tasks to Maximize Your Productivity?

When you own your own business, time is money. Learning how to effectively delegate is the key to leveraging yourself and increasing your value and profits. Being able to delegate tasks allows you to increase your productivity and is one of the most important management skills. Effectively learning how to delegate not only helps you maximize your own productivity and value, but optimizes the productivity of your staff as well. Here are some simple strategies to help you properly delegate tasks to increase business success.

Learn to Let Go

One of the biggest issues that most entrepreneurs and company leaders face is not being able to let go of their work. Sometimes this is a result of being so dedicated to completing their work themselves, that they are uncomfortable letting someone else help. Other times it could be that they are afraid that others don’t have the necessary skills or abilities required to work effectively.

Whatever the case is, it is imperative that you learn to let go if you want to maximize your productivity. Your employees are not going to volunteer to help you with your tasks, so you have to be comfortable asking for help, according to the experts at Forbes. Take the time to get to know your team and start delegating the smallest tasks, slowly working your way up to the more complex tasks. If you are a sole proprietor or have a small team, you can outsource your tasks.

Play to Your Team’s Strengths

As the leader of your team, you’ll have to learn the subtleties of your employees. You will need to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. This includes his or her current and potential extent of their skills. When you start delegating tasks, look at your team and assign the tasks to those employees who have the greatest number of relevant skills for each particular task. Avoid delegating tasks to those employees that have the lightest workload or those that are most convenient.

When delegating tasks, it is also important to remain consistent. By delegating the same type of tasks to the same individual, you will begin to develop his or her skills and increase that individual’s aptitude for those kinds of tasks.

Always include instructions

When it comes to delegating tasks to your teammates, you must always include instructions, even if the process seems obvious. If you have a specific preference as to how you would like the task completed, you need to be sure to include that information. If there is a strict deadline or milestone that has to be hit, make sure you are clear about them.You have to make sure that your employees have all the information needed to complete the job, explains the experts at Inc. This means including detailed and straightforward instructions from the start. Doing this will help to avoid gaps in communication and will allow the tasks to be completed effectively.

Delegating isn’t always simple, and the process isn’t necessarily clear-cut, however, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll develop the expertise you need to do it effectively. While the process will never be perfect, you can learn from your experiences, giving you the ability to make ongoing adjustments.

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