Is your entrepreneurial confidence high? Attracting money isn’t by accident or coincidence. There is a well-structured system that guarantees success in business. If you align your business in the right spot, nothing will be impossible.

Ironically, what you need to grow and become better in your current business isn’t HUGE sums of money. This is important but without an “organized confidence,” nothing worthwhile can be achieved.

What Entrepreneurial Confidence Isn’t

I’ve studied a lot of business kits and accessed hundreds of contents on small business growth and wealth creation. One thing overwhelms me though – we sometimes misrepresent entrepreneurial confidence by taking unhealthy risks.

Risk is an aspect of doing business & winning but when you know how awful a project is, you don’t dabble in it to make a mark. You first analyze and learn from other people’s mistakes.

So, what exactly is entrepreneurial confidence?

In the context of marketing online, it’s that secret ingredient that makes you strong, going against the tide of times and challenging yourself to the potential of success. There may be economic downturns in your business right now, but a well-orchestrated sense of confidence could help you scale through. Now, here are the specific steps you should take to develop “confidence” that attracts money.

1. See Fear As Virtual, It’s Not Real

Fear is the #1 killer-disease of every startup business both online and offline. If you desire to go far, you need to eliminate fear because it’s never real.

Yes, it’s false and its purpose is to deter you from your progress. When you have plans to execute, don’t be perturbed by those seeming false evidences. They may appear real, but look closer and you will see how vague they are. Develop stickability needed to turn lemons into millions of cups of lemonade. Whatever happens around you is determined by your inner belief and this is further strengthened by your motivating power.

2. Entrepreneurial Tradition – Kill It!

Have you found yourself doing the same thing that does not bring results? I’m confident that someone reading this is wasting time on Facebook or Twitter with the hope of striking it big one day.

Well, one day is never in the calendar. If success is your motivating power, then seeking to know how social media works is the only key to attaining heights. It’s the same thing in life; a lot of people cling to their marriages when everything is in disarray.

Every problem has a solution; find it. Entrepreneurial tradition has rendered many intelligent businessmen and women homeless. Kill it before it mars your viable business. This impeding factor isn’t limited to online businesses alone; it’s also prominent with offline ventures, especially advertising firms.

3. Empty the Marketing Silos Quickly

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been struggling with engaging my audience. If you own a blog, you fully understand that to earn significant income from your efforts, you need to engage every reader, solve their problems and entertain them.

But what’s stopping you from engaging prospects? It’s because you have so many things you’re doing at the moment. You’re into networking, guest posting, blog posting, you attend webinars and seminars to improve your business, you coordinate coaching sessions in your city, etc.

When you’ve a lot of meat on your plate, you won’t know where to start from. It’s called “marketing silos” and it can be a wrong business practice.

The solution is simple; set your core priorities outright. Don’t be everything to everybody; know what matters (engagement) and work on perfecting it.

4. Track, Track and Track Again

Do you track and monitor your marketing activities? Congratulations if you’ve been doing this in your business. But if you’re new to business monitoring and tracking, you should get started. Often, the best prospects are right under your nose, if only you can track your every step.

The efficient use of your time stems from your tracking decisions. Time is precious and if you neglect to invest it, you’ll automatically waste it. There is no neutral point in business. You can’t stay at the middle of the road; if you do, you would be smashed by cars coming from both ends. Choose your side carefully and start tracking.

Google Analytics is very helpful. It helps pinpoint the geographic location of your active visitors and even suggest means to improve conversion. Track your expenses, your input and watch your business soar to the roof.

5. Accelerate Business Networking

I pointed out earlier that having so much to do at any giving time may impede productivity. All you’ve to do is pick the most important and scale it through. Accelerating business networking is one thing that’s transformed my business online.

When I released my e-book earlier in September of 2011, sales started coming in almost immediately. All thanks to my responsive networks. It doesn’t matter what level of success you’ve attained, there is always room for improvement. Most of the time, you cannot trounce the competition that looms around your business, but a single connection with the right person can change your life.

Get to know others, share your best contents and ask questions when you’re confused. Humble yourself to assist others and share your success stories without hyping them up. That’s all there is to exercising dominion in business.

6. Give Expert Advice to Beginners

The quickest way to turn profit online is to assist beginners. This group of entrepreneurs is looking for step-by-step tutorials on how to do a “thing.” Experts have strong confidence and that’s why others respect them.

Truth is, there are few experts that are credible and easygoing. Many are proud and very difficult to relate with and believe me, their days being respected are numbered. Be on the lookout for opportunities to “give” helpful advice.

Word of mouth (WOM) marketing will become your business watchword when you finally challenge yourself to help others. “Help others go higher in life and they would reciprocate ultimately” – Zig Ziglar.

7. Take Baby Steps Right Now

If your confidence is still questionable, then begin with baby steps. It’s not ideal to embark on a journey where your inner motives aren’t stable. Taking baby steps would enhance your view about communicating with people and help you gain the edge to strike big next time.

The moment you take a little baby step, opportunities you never fathomed would emerge, nudging you to increase pace and achieve more. How do you take baby steps? There are thousands of social media networks to help your business.

But start with LinkedIn or Twitter and see how well you perform. Signing up with several social networks won’t bring results. It will only slow you down and get you complaining. Take baby steps today and watch how much money you can attract.

Entrepreneurial Takeaway

There you have it: the seven specific steps to enhance your entrepreneurial confidence and attract more money. As simple as these steps are, only a few online entrepreneurs practice them. Join the fast-moving train today and become an authority in confidence building, money making and joint venture networking.

See you at the top!

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