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Using Twitter for restaurants — 4 tips to reach more customers

Using Twitter for restaurants — 4 tips to reach more customers

Using Twitter as an outreach tool for restaurants is a time-saving and cost-effective way to attract new customers and build relationships with existing customers. Why? Because consumers are on Twitter, and they are there to have conversations.

In fact, there are 336 million monthly active users on Twitter. And, 85 percent of Twitter users say they feel more connected to the small businesses they follow on the platform. This shows that users are ready to connect with the small businesses they love and that Twitter is a powerful platform for getting your business in front of a larger audience.

So, it’s time to start tweeting and interacting with your restaurant customers and all those potential diners out there.

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4 tips for using Twitter for restaurants

Here are our tips for welcoming new customers to your restaurant through thoughtful tweeting:

  1. Update your profile.
  2. Brainstorm search terms.
  3. Use Advanced Search to find relevant tweets.
  4. Connect with potential customers.

Let’s get started!

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1. Update your profile

Before engaging in any conversations on Twitter, you’ll want to make sure that your Twitter profile is up-to-date and presenting your restaurant in the best possible light.

Ensure that you’ve uploaded your logo as your profile photo and added a properly-sized cover image, written a captivating bio, and updated any necessary information like your address, business hours and contact information. Then, you’re ready to start finding tweets and reaching out to new potential guests.

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2. Brainstorm search terms

It’s time to ponder what kinds of terms and keywords Twitter users might be using in their tweets that your restaurant could engage with. What you’re looking for is a user in your local area (or outside of it!) tweeting about something relevant to your restaurant or industry that you could reach out to and invite to come by your business.

The search terms you select will have a lot to do with who your typical customers are, what kinds of conversations you think they’d be having on Twitter, and the type of experience your restaurant provides.

For example, a casual, family-friendly pizza shop in Austin, Texas might search for terms in their local area like “hungry,” “pizza craving,” “#ATXeats,” #ATXfood, or “#lunchtime.” Those terms incorporate both local and Twitter-wide keywords, which broadens the pool of users you can interact with.

A fine dining establishment in NYC known for their extensive wine collection would want to search for tweets containing phrases like “date night,” “wine tasting” or “#nycfoodie.”

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3. Use Advanced Search to find relevant tweets

Once you’ve determined what kinds of words and phrases are likely to be used in tweets from your target audience, head to Twitter’s Advanced Search page to find tweets relevant to your business, your audience or your industry that you could use to start conversations with other users on Twitter.

You can search for specific tweets by keyword, hashtag, date, and location :

“By combining fields in advanced search, you can tailor your search results in a powerful way. For example, you can search for Tweets containing “New Years” but excluding “Resolution” between December 30, 2013 and January 2, 2014. Or you can search for Tweets in English with the hashtag “#WorldCup” sent from Brazil in July 2014.” — Twitter Help Center

By using Twitter’s Advanced Search feature, you can find customers looking for a business like yours, start conversations to get new eyes on your brand, and engage with your local community.

4. Connect with potential customers

When you locate a promising tweet from a user that appears to fit your target demographic, it’s time to reach out and introduce your business to this potential new customer. Hit “reply” on their tweet and start chatting!

For example: You own a restaurant that specializes in cheeseburgers. A Twitter user in your area tweets a photo of a recent meal she had of a burger and curly fries. This is a perfect opportunity to reach out on behalf of your local restaurant. Try something like: “That burger looks delicious! Ever tried ours before?”

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Building this rapport with potential customers is great way to present your brand as both human and engaging.

Even if you don’t get that person into your restaurant that day, anyone who follows them can see your conversation, which means you’ve just gotten a lot of new impressions (which increase brand awareness) just by reaching out to someone new.

And the user you reached out to might just click to your Twitter profile, check out your business, see what you have to offer, and remember you next time they need a meal in the area.

Tweet away

By engaging in conversations and using Twitter for restaurants, you’ll add more users to your online community and stay top-of-mind with food lovers in your area.

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