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When Should You Launch An App; and Raise Your Prices – Hannah’s Journey

When Should You Launch An App; and Raise Your Prices – Hannah’s Journey

Hannah Perry is the founder of The Giggling Pig Art and Party Studio, located in Connecticut (USA).

Join Hannah, and Ramon Ray, founder of, on this new series of the Smart Hustle Podcast, Hannah’s Journey!

We’ll follow Hannah on her journey through the hustle, the Smart Hustle of business growth.

In this third episode of Hannah’s Journey, let’s look at her business’s new app and pricing. During Covid while people were primarily at home, Hannah saw the need to help kids stay creative and engaged. So she built the Giggling Pig app.

How does the app integrate into the business?

The app isn’t free but costs $3.99. It’s a great value considering the lineup of updates and planned content. For instance, new characters and video classes will be an exciting update for the fall.

Also, through the app customers can discover other areas of the business.


Hannah doesn’t do her own business marketing but instead hired help. According to her, it’s expensive to hire a company. Also, it can take several months to see results like the buildup of an audience. Overall, Hannah suggests that if you aren’t great at marketing, it’s worth investing in someone who has the expertise.

Pricing Decisions

Even though things are better after the start of Covid, it’s also been difficult. With the increase of a lease, utilities, supplies, and the cost of wages, the idea of raising service prices can be daunting. For Hannah, the core of the business is to be affordable. So it’s scary to have to raise prices.

Throughout the years, Hannah’s basic items had stayed the same price while her top service – a summer camp – increased. Also, in the past, instead of raising prices she made available higher-level items for purchase.

Telling customers about price raises or not

One question brought up about prices was whether to notify customers about raising prices or not. For Hannah, this was a no-brainer. As a family-owned small business, she really respects her customers. They have a good relationship with her. “It’d be unprofessional not to notify them,” she comments.

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