10 Ways To Make Money With Your Car

In the last few years, a number of new smartphone apps have been released that allow anyone with a driver’s license to make money with their car. It’s an increasingly popular form of employment, partly because the jobs aren’t usually all that tough to do, and many have fairly minimal requirements. Some of these gigs pay really well too.

Depending on your cost of living, you might even be able to rely on one of these jobs as your primary source of income. But if you already have a full time job doing something else, there are also quite a few car gigs that are perfect for giving you a little extra cash here and there.

Below we’ll list a few of the more popular services in this growing market to give you an idea of what’s available.

10 Ways to Make Money With Your Car


This is the food delivery arm of Uber. Your job will be to travel to local restaurants, pick up food orders, and bring them directly to the customer’s door. Unlike the Uber ridesharing service, UberEATS has very few restrictions on the style or age of your vehicle, and you won’t have as much personal contact with customers, which means this might be a better gig for people who are less comfortable chatting with strangers.

Go here to sign up for UberEATS or check out our UberEATS review.


Uber is a ride sharing service that works via a smartphone app. The job involves driving people from place to place like a taxi-driver. People use the app to request a ride, and a notification goes out to nearby drivers. The app then guides the driver to the location of the passenger using GPS technology.

There are a lot of great things about this gig. You set your own hours, it’s easy to sign up, and it’s not very difficult to qualify. You’ll need a car that meets their requirements, and you have to pass a background check, but if you can meet those standards, it’s pretty easy to get your foot in the door. Quite a few people make a full time living driving for Uber, so it’s definitely worth checking into.

Go here to sign up for Uber.


This service is very similar to Uber. Both companies are basically relying on the same business model, and both are very popular ways of making money with your car. We recently did a review of Lyft that you can check out here, with much more detailed information.

Lyft has some unique earning opportunities, such as higher pay rates for “power zones” which are areas on the map where they’re expecting a higher volume of ride requests. Pay rates for most drivers tend to be comparable between Lyft and Uber, so you should check the websites for each and see which one appeals to you the most.

Go here to sign up as a driver for Lyft, or check out our Lyft review to learn more.


Juno is a ridesharing service currently only available in New York city, but their website says they’re looking into expanding soon. They pay their drivers a better percentage than other services, and cater more to people looking for luxury rides and SUVs.

Go here to sign up for Juno.

Favor Delivery

This is a pickup service that relies on a phone app to connect customers to drivers, and the job is basically like working as a personal assistant. You’ll be sent out on errands, picking up all sorts of things for clients. The website mentions food, groceries, and dry-cleaning as common examples.

This could be an interesting job in the sense that there would be a lot of variety from day to day, and the pay is decent – between 10 and 18 dollars per hour, plus tips.

Go here to sign up for Favor Delivery.


Postmates is a service mainly geared toward making food deliveries, including groceries, restaurant pickups, and alcohol. Their app has some interesting features for drivers, including charts that show the areas with the best earning potential depending on the date and time. For now the service appears to only be available in a fairly limited number of cities.

Go here to sign up for Postmates.


Another food delivery company focused exclusively on bringing people orders from restaurants. The website claims they get more business than other comparable services; plus you get to keep all your tips. As of now, Grubhub is only operating in larger metropolitan areas.

Go here to sign up for Grubhub.


This is a food delivery service that differentiate themselves from some of the others mentioned here by hiring full time employees rather than independent contractors. From a driver’s perspective, there are some benefits to this, including guaranteed wages – up to $17.00 an hour – but on the other hand, your shift scheduling may not be quite as flexible as some of the other services.

Go here to sign up for EatStreet.


This company strictly focuses on grocery delivery. Customers create a grocery list using their smart-phone app, then you go do the shopping for them, and deliver everything to their door. You set your own hours, and they pay on a weekly basis.

Go here to sign up for Instacart.


They describe themselves as a peer-to-peer car rental service. It’s a pretty neat idea, and totally different from anything else on this list.

The concept is simple. If you have an extra car that you don’t drive very often, it takes less than 10 minutes to list it on Turo and offer it as a rental. They’ll crunch the numbers to calculate a rental fee based on the market value of your car, and then post it on their website so customers in your area can find it.

You get a notification when someone’s interested in your car, and you can accept or decline. If you accept, you’ll have to coordinate a meeting spot with the customer to hand over your vehicle. Then you just go home, sit back, and start earning money.

Turo insures the car for more than a million bucks, and offers 24/7 roadside assistance for the full duration of the rental, so there’s really nothing for you to worry about. When the trip’s over you go meet the customer, and take your car back.

Go here to sign up for Turo.

Combine Opportunities To Earn More Money With Your Car

One thing to keep in mind about these services is that you can potentially work for more than one. For example, there are drivers who simultaneously work for LyftUber, and other delivery services. This allows them to stay busy, even during slow times when it might otherwise be hard to make a full time living.

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