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5 Things to Look for in IT Support

5 Things to Look for in IT Support

Experiencing technical problems in the workplace is common. While some companies prefer having their own IT team watch over things, others prefer to outsource. The latter is useful, especially when you want to cut down the costs for a small business, considering that you will not experience a technical issue every other day. Some companies will use the most tech-savvy and knowledgeable guy from the team before settling for an IT team. That can be useful, but not for long. So, what should you consider when looking for IT assistance? Here are a few tips:

1. Certifications, Experience, and Ongoing Training

You need to get an IT support company that is experienced in problem-solving skills. Less experienced teams often try to learn with your set-ups, and sometimes, you will end up suffering losses such as the complete breakdown of your business IT systems. Reviewing their certificates will help you gauge their experience. It is important to consider how long it takes for these certificates to be renewed. Working in an IT firm means that there are constant changes because of technological advancements. You need to ensure that the team you intend to hire is on continuous training programs to keep them up-to-date.

2. Data Security Expertise

Robust data security is a requirement for all businesses and many companies make mistakes and fail to take it seriously. You need a support team that will protect you from the constant threats you will be exposed to such as hacking and data theft. Consider an IT company with a security plan that will match your needs and budget. Ongoing training is essential for data security experts. They need to be current with new IT developments to keep you protected.

3. Understand the Company’s Set-Up and Its Goals

An excellent IT firm should at least have a basic understanding of your business and the set objectives. This will make it easy to design responses and introduce the machinery that is compatible with your business set-up. They should know what would work best for the company rather than taking chances that will cost you.

4. Response Time

While entering into a contract with your IT Company, ostensible response time should be noted. Outlining the service level agreements (SLA) is essential for all company agreements. They should also include the consequences of not meeting the SLA terms. This approach will protect you from frustrations if they do not respond to your problem in time. Please note that SLA does not necessarily outline when they will fix your issue but the start of addressing your concern.

5. Transparency

Outsourcing IT assistance means that the company will have access to your system and data. They should be genuine about who they are and what their intentions are with your company. You need to disqualify any team that does not meet your transparency requirements. Some IT companies will use the ‘trade secrets’ as their excuse to not provide the required information. Avoid putting your company at risk by enrolling a team that is not transparent. Do not compromise. It should be evident from their documentation and personal presentation of their employees.

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