Are Security Cameras Really Worth It? When You Need One and When You Don’t

The good news is that, unlike in the past, everyone from almost any walk of life can typically afford a security camera to guard either their exterior or interior spaces. But just because they are now an option for the general population, that doesn’t mean that everyone should have or needs to invest in one. The sad reality is that most law enforcement departments won’t respond to a burglar alarm since they happen so frequently by mistake. So how much security does a security camera really afford you, even if you can afford one?

Before you consider buying a security camera, consider why you need or want it. Understanding the goal of your camera is the best way not only to determine if you need one, but also to hone in on what type of security camera and system is right for your needs. Is it more important to you that you catch the burglar before they can steal your things, or after they have already done so by getting them on camera, or are both your objective? The problem is that most professional robbers are tech-savvy enough to shut the alarm down without being detected, which can render the system useless and have the burglar long gone before you have any idea at all.

A surveillance system

If you want to make sure to get anyone breaking into your home on video, then you should invest in a surveillance system so that the cameras can catch them on video to turn over to the police if need. But be careful – again, most professional burglars are good at disguising themselves just in case there is a security camera present. Since most robbers case a home ahead of time, if they detect a surveillance system, disguising themselves is pretty easy. Also, if the cameras are positioned in a specific way, robbers usually know how to stay out of their sight or to cover the cameras to make the video blurry so they will not be witnessed.

The best type of Winnipeg security cameras to invest in if you are really serious about either deterring, stopping someone in the act, or having evidence after the fact is a multi-security system that has a combination of cameras, intrusion sensors, and audible alarms to cover all your needs and to make sure that the robber gets tripped up somewhere along the way. You can also pair them with your smartphone or mobile device, so that when you are away you have a live feed to see what is going on at your home or office. The drawback is that those types of multiple surveillance cameras are more expensive. And if you don’t have a whole lot of valuable things, then they might not be worth the investment.

Sometimes prevention is the best medicine

If you decide against the surveillance camera, then you can do some other things to increase the security of your house. Investing in a dog is an excellent way to deter someone from entering your home. If you have a ferocious dog at your doorstep, then the robber will likely move on to the next house that doesn’t have a watchdog guarding it.

Also, if you are going to go away for an extended period of time, don’t let your mail pile up, pick up your trash cans that might be on the curb, and have your neighbors keep an eye out for any activity at your house when there isn’t supposed to be any. Also, don’t boast by posting all the expensive things you have on social media sites. You would be surprised at the number of criminals who peruse social media looking for the big score.

Whether you are a candidate for a security camera or not depends on why you want it, how much you want to invest, and if you are trying to defend the people in your home from a break-in or trying to deter someone from entering when you aren’t at home. To find the best system for your home, plan ahead and figure out what you want the system for in order to know which system is best for you.

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