Badis Diab: Businessman and Humanitarian

In the realm of the soccer industry, everyone wants to work as an agent for professional players.

Whether it be TV rights, sponsors, important salaries, media coverage, there are so many reasons why the soccer industry is an attractive option for any entrepreneur.

Everyone wants to become like these important agents: Jorge Mendes, Mino Raiola or Pini Zahavi; these people control a major part in the world of soccer.

Badis Diab, a 27-year-old, is a former French professional soccer player. He founded Galactik France in 2016. After working with the services of some of the most influential agents in the world, Badis understood that the professional soccer industry was completely controlled by some of the biggest agencies.

He decided then to open his own agency in 2016, named Galactik France, which specializes in providing advice and support to amateur soccer players.

How could he decide to work for amateur players after many years in the professional area? “The reason is simple,” Badis says. ”The soccer business was definitely sated by the best agents. At the same time, I saw that only in France, we have more than 2 million amateur players who need advice, but no agencies to work for them. It is an exceptional market where I decided to invest.”

In only a few months Badis Diab and his agency Galatik France became the go-to for the amateur soccer industry in France. A few thousand young talents contacted the agency in the first month to get advice and support. Badis Diab decided to open other agencies in Portugal and New York in 2018.

On his journey to give support to the amateur players, in July 2016 he opened a soccer academy in Ghana, Africa. His objective: “To participate in the development of the young talent in Africa.”

A new academy will be opening during summer 2018 in Burkina Faso. The success of his academies in Africa have pushed many other African countries to use his services in the development of soccer.

Between business and his support for African children, Badis says, ”If we have the opportunity to combine business, social, and humanitarian support, then we must do it, it is our duty.”

Badis considers the 21st century to be one of innovation and solidarity, and he believes we can combine the useful with the philanthropic. He says, ”We can generate profits while participating in the development of childhood and youth; one does not prevent the other, on the contrary, one contributes to the other.”

In a business where everything has become artificial, where the most important thing is the capital and the ultimate pursuit of profit, Badis has succeeded in just 27 years. He has combined a way of making a living, creating work for others, allowing the youngest to believe in their dreams, and helping young Africans, all through the same idea and a single project, Galactik France.


Badis Diab was born on January 24th, 1991 in Romans sur Isère (France). After a short career as a professional soccer player, he joined the very closed circle of the soccer business at only 21 years old. He worked for some of the most influential soccer agents in the world such as Mino Raiola and Marco Kirdemir. As he was able to speak 5 languages ​​fluently his early qualities quickly brought him success.

Today, Badis Diab is a partner of choice for some of the largest clubs in the world. He is the founder and the general manager of GALACTIK FRANCE, one of the greatest soccer agencies in France, which specializes in advice and support for amateur players. His deep knowledge of soccer management and his impressive address book have opened the doors to some of the biggest clubs in the world. His idea to open Galactik France and the success of his agency made Badis an important interlocutor in the soccer industry. Since July 2016, Badis Diab has notably launched the BADIS DIAB ACADEMY in Ghana, a soccer academy grouping several teams from the U12 to the U21. BADIS DIAB ACADEMY is today one of the largest of its kind in the region of Africa. The BADIS DIAB ACADEMY should also see the light of day in Burkina Faso in 2018.

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