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From $54 to 6 Figure Shopping Network – with Ashlee Fay

From $54 to 6 Figure Shopping Network – with Ashlee Fay

If you haven’t heard of her yet, you may soon. Ashlee Fay is a leading mind behind, a brand that runs a six-figure shopping network through their own app and Facebook, as well as inspiring women to embrace their passion and grow their own successful online business. Ashlee started with less than $100 and now leads a comprehensive team, mixing her penchant for entrepreneurship with her belief in God.

Here’s a bit on how she does it, as taken from Ramon Ray’s recent podcast interview.

How Ashlee Got Started

Ashlee didn’t aim to become a widely successful business owner. It started a few years ago when her family hit rock bottom, financially. With a negative balance in her checking account, Ashlee hit a mental wall and decided things absolutely needed to change, now.

Always having been good at making things with her hands, Ashlee decided to ramp up production of her signature glittery tumblers. While she never really wanted to be involved with heavy production, her business took off.

The main component of Ashlee’s business was selling (and is) through live sale events broadcast on Facebook. One day, amidst a flurry of success, a fan asked her how she got started, all while live. And that’s when she broke down. Ashlee started to cry while telling her story of financial troubles and how hard the past had been for her. She felt a renewed sense of failure. She was no longer presenting herself as a strong, independent woman in charge of her destiny. She was broken.

But this didn’t have the effect she worried it would. Her fans didn’t abandon her. Soon, Ashlee was receiving messages from multiple women, telling her their own stories and troubles.

Ashlee decided to make a difference. She began teaching a paid course on how to make the sparkly tumblers she was becoming famous for. She started teaching these other women how they could get their own businesses started and running, with the aim of being just as successful as she was.  And that’s when things really took off.

Joining Ashlee Fay: The Process

 Women who are crafty and wish to can apply to join Ashlee Fay. Five women are chosen to join each quarter to become part of the 35 boutiques already featured by the company. Everything sold by Ashley Fay is handmade, and new sellers partake in a comprehensive onboarding process that involves the chance to be coached by a present Ashley Fay member who is already widely successful.

Part of the proceeds of each boutique’s sales go back to Ashlee and her sister, who run the business together.

Ashlee says she loves seeing new sellers change on the network.

“I love seeing the women grow. I’m going to show you how to get your product out there. I help women transform, and it’s wonderful to see them become confident through what we do.”

Ashlee’s Top Tips for Social Media Success

Ashlee says, when it comes to social media, the best thing you can do is to be authentic about yourself and your business. Be vulnerable. If you’re a small business, people want to connect with you, not just buy your product, so it’s important to share your stories, and to be authentic and open.

Ashlee Fay also hosts her own podcast, Embrace Your Ambition, and hosts conferences and courses. She’s a busy lady with much to give!

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