Home Office Tips: Carpet Cleaning for Pet Stains and Odor Removal

Having a pet can make your house a livelier and more enjoyable place but there are some problems that business owners who work out of a home office must be ready to encounter. One of the most common issues that pet owners tend to face is the pet stain odor. Pet urine soaks easily into a carpet, leaving a stinky odor and making the environment much more unpleasant.

You may try your best to keep your pets out of your home office space, but should they sneak in at times and leave an unappreciated mess, you need to know how to take care of the issue swiftly so your environment isn’t negatively impacted.

Even some of the most well-behaved pets can leave their odor behind. Fortunately, manufacturers have come up with products that can be used for cleaning carpet stains and removing odor in an effective manner. Here is how it can be done.

Machine-washable items

Some things can be washed in a machine. You just have to add some baking soda to the regular detergent being used and wash the item in the same setting that other garments are being washed in. If there is still an unpleasant pet odor left, an enzymatic cleaner can be used that can break down the smell.

Some people buy special sheets and blankets for pets so that they can be washed easily in the machines.

Carpeted areas

In order to deal with carpeted areas, soak up the urine as much as possible and then place a thick layer of paper towels on the wet spot. Then the thick layer must be covered with a newspaper. Make sure the area is barely damp before proceeding towards the next step.

The wet area must then be rinsed properly with clean and cool water until and unless it is dry. Detergents can be applied as well, as advised by a leading carpet cleaning service.

Already set stains

For stains that have already set into the carpet, consider purchasing a good carpet cleaner from a nearby store. Once the area has been cleaned, a high-quality pet odor neutralizer can be used on the ‘accident zone’. If the area still appears to be stained, use a carpet stain remover after it is completely dried and neutralized.

Steam cleaners must be completely avoided. The heat used permanently set the stains and the odor which then become extremely difficult to remove. Also avoid using cleaning chemicals such as vinegar and ammonia. The strong chemical odors further encourages the pet to mark their scents in that specific area.

If your pet caused a stain on your sofa, especially if it’s made from a material such as microsuede or linen, try your best to take action straight away to clean the damaged part before it sets and is beyond treatment. This way, you can maintain a clean and professional look in your home office.

Prevent future incidents

Once the area has been cleaned, it is important to avoid future incidents. Make your home office unattractive or inaccessible to pets. As long as the area is attractive to a pet, it will continue to return to that zone.

Also, vets can be considered if there is any medical issue with the pet. If you are certain the pet is healthy, then positive reinforcement strategies can be used to train your dog or other pet. Remember that there may be a specific reason for the pet to choose the wrong place to urinate. It is important to understand what they are trying to convey. Having a more empathetic approach will help you bring them back on track and avoid such accidents. In the end, taking action before it happens is a better solution.

After thorough consideration, you may simply decide to switch your home office flooring to hardwood floors in order to prevent some of the pet stain issues altogether. Implement the above strategies in the meantime to help keep your home office space as pleasant and sterile as possible. Pets are family and making compromises or investing money to integrate them into your lifestyle is a noble effort.

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