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How to Choose the Right Motivational Speaker for Your Group

How to Choose the Right Motivational Speaker for Your Group

If you have been put in charge of organizing your company’s next event, you may be stumped about the speaker. While you may have catering and decor nailed down, finding the right motivational speaker can be more difficult because this person sets the tone for most of the event. If your speaker bombs, the audience will check out, and the return on your investment will be minimal or nonexistent. However, with the right speaker, you can inspire your audience, teach new points, build morale and invest in your company. Here are four tips that will guide you in your search.

Choose an Expert in the Industry

While we can all agree that there are many smart and exciting speakers, the real need for you is to choose someone who has good body language, clarity in speaking, and top knowledge on the subject. This professional will make an impact in your organization. Rather than choosing someone who is merely interesting to listen to, choose someone who is an expert in your field and who can offer you actual tools to improve your business and your employees.

Choose Someone Who Connects

Your speaker’s message must connect to the crowd if it is going to make any difference. For this, you will need to consider what time of day your speaker is scheduled for and what your audience wants to know. You may want to take a poll of your office to see what people are interested in learning, or you may want to choose a speaker who can encourage your employees in a new endeavor. The best speaker will mingle with the crowd before and after the event, will take a question and answer time and will speak convincingly about his or her passion.

Choose Someone with the Right Message

A good speaker will focus more on what he or she has learned over the years rather than on achievements. While certain achievements can make great goals for your audience, it is the knowledge behind the actions that fuels the achievements. Your speaker should share practical lessons about your industry or your customer base to help the audience feel moved to change.

Choose in Advance

It is best to book your motivational speaker approximately six months before your event. This will ensure that you get the speaker you want and will give both you and the speaker time to plan logistics and topics. Be sure that you get a contract for the booking. The contract should cover fees, speaking needs, lodging and travel. Well-known speakers may have contracts that cover a variety of other factors for which you will need time to prepare.

Advance planning can give you the time you need to choose from the many conference speakers that are available to you this year, to interview candidates if necessary and to determine what your audience would appreciate. Once you have chosen your speaker, you must work together with him or her to set the stage before the speaker arrives. Let your speaker know what is unique to your organization. Help him or her create materials and handouts that will resonate with your audience, and be sure to discuss timetables and plans before the arrival date. This will ensure that your event goes off without a hitch and is easy for speakers and attendees alike.

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