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Mindset for Marketing. You Need It, Says Elijah Bowie

Mindset for Marketing. You Need It, Says Elijah Bowie

Do you have a marketing mindset? Elijah Bowie, owner of the knows what it takes. By simultaneous strokes of luck, fate, and talent, Elijah became the social media and brand presence manager for the largest water company in the midwest at the tender age of 16. He says he didn’t even have a car at the time, and his parents would drop him off at the company after school to work and perform his magic.

How did he do it? He landed the position by acing a high school project that was viewed and judged by the company’s top executives. The group came into the principal’s office the next day to hire him on. (Wow!)

While most of us don’t have a magical fairy tale behind how we first got started, everyone shares something major in common: the desire to succeed.

What role does marketing play in your journey? How can you adopt a marketing mindset?

Marketing is something everyone can learn

Elijah obviously has extra flare for marketing and contacting businesses with the right audience. He says that anyone can do it, however. It just takes some learning and patience.

“The mistake a lot of entrepreneurs make is that they cop out. You think, ‘I’m just not good at that.’ The key is to put that aside and remember that you can learn it (marketing),” he says.

Not everyone will become a marketing god or goddess. Elijah firmly believes that this is a skill set everyone can learn and become better at over time, however. The bigger your marketing mindset, the more successful you can become.

Marketing is psychology

The key to great marketing is finding a way to connect with your audience in the best way possible. Elijah says it comes down to psychology and the right language.

“Psychology is like a secret weapon,” he says. “If you can understand how people are, and why they are the way they are, you can have a huge advantage when it comes to influencing them towards things. If you can understand how people work, you can meet them where they’re at.”

Elijah says words are powerful and if you can understand the right language and words for connecting with your audience, you make them comfortable. So, go out and figure out what words your potential customers use. Understand their present pain. How can you add value to their lives and what language will engage them?

It’s your responsibility to go to the market and actually figure out what will make your customers’ life easier today.

Exponential not incremental growth: Why it matters

It’s common knowledge that businesses do, and often should, grow incrementally. This is a bit at a time. Elijah says you can throw that idea out the door, however. It’s OK to have incremental growth but it’s also possible to grow exponentially.

Take Apple for example. Elijah points out this mega company often makes most of its sales in just one fiscal quarter. (It’s in the fall, in the run-up to Christmas, by the way). Part of this large amount of concentrated success can be attributed to Apple’s once-a-year event, in which they introduce their upcoming iPhone release. This typically happens in September. What follows? Massive amounts of sales.

If you typically earn 10K per month, you might feel like you’d have to work ten times harder to earn 100K in just one month. Elijah says the key is to connect with thousands of customers at once, not just one.

How is this done? Check out to learn more. Interestingly, Elijah legally guarantees his students’ results. The secret to concentrated revenue might not be as complicated as you once thought!

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