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Plan for Uncertainty. Have a Backup Plan. Hannah’s Journey

Plan for Uncertainty. Have a Backup Plan. Hannah’s Journey

Welcome to “Hannah’s Journey”, an ongoing discussion with Hanna Perry, owner of the Giggling Pig Art and Party Studio.

Hannah and Ramon unpack her week-to-week journey of growth – customers, marketing, leadership, hiring, franchise, leadership and so much more. See the past episodes at

She’s turned her love for teaching and art into a successful career by hosting art-based classes, events, workshops, parties, camps, and more.

How does she keep the ball rolling so well? Hard work and entrepreneurial innovation play a strong role. In a recent podcast, Perry shared some valuable insights on how she’s gotten this far.

 Plan for uncertainty and have a back up

 “A lot can go wrong and it’s better to be prepared,” Perry said in her recent interview with Ramon Ray.

“Not to plan for the worst, because if you plan for the worst, the worst is going to happen, but if you’re aware of how things can go wrong… why not make a plan, just in case.”

In light of shutdowns during the pandemic, Perry decided to build an art studio on her own personal property, in addition to her regular location. In the new studio, she can film virtual classes and not have to shut down her business completely in light of emergencies. She can also use the space as an office, something she’s always wanted to have access to on her own property. 

As part of business continuity and mitigating potential pitfalls, Perry expressed it’s important to build a roadmap, have a GPS for your business, and to stay in control.

Remodel and redecorate 

Since Perry’s clients are often children, (and those with a creative streak), she says keeping things interesting and new is paramount. Going along with this, she recently remodeled the business’s main office and added a gift shop. She also installed new flooring and is selling new merchandise.

“I wanted people to have newfound excitement to come into my shop. I wanted something different to be exciting for the kids who have been coming for years. Kids need to see that things are exciting and changing.”

Connecting with the right people

Finally, Perry says she finds it important to take inspiration from the right people. As an avid fan of Disney and creative thinkers like Beatrix Potter, Perry knows the importance of making an emotional connection with things you see. The client’s experience matters.

Beyond this, hiring the right people-those who work well with her clients- is also integral.

“I’d rather hire someone who is wonderful with children but who isn’t a great artist than the opposite because it’s the experience,” she says. “Someone who’s engaged with the kids and makes them feel welcome, this is who’s going to bring the families back.”

Hear more about Perry’s experience by listening to Ramon Ray’s podcast interview online. And check out The Giggling Pig

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