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Plastiq Helps You Pay and Get Paid Faster to Increase Cash Flow

Plastiq Helps You Pay and Get Paid Faster to Increase Cash Flow

Cash flow is the lifeline of your business. Whether it is the need for more capital from your supplier or hiring new employees — you cannot make better decisions to grow your business if you don’t have good cash flow. What’s more, good cash flow can help your company secure a loan with less hassle. So the big question is, how to increase cash flow in your business. 

An easy yet effective way to increase cash flow is to get paid fast while having flexibility in making payments. For example, you want to pay your vendor with your credit card, but he doesn’t have a credit card processing solution. Won’t the payment be delayed as you figure out another way to pay the vendor? Additionally, you will lose sales if your customers want to pay via credit card, but you can’t process them. So, what to do?

One easier, smarter, and faster way to improve cash flow is Plastiq. 

How Plastiq Works 

Plastiq empowers you to pay vendors, suppliers, or any other business expenses the way you want, regardless of your recipients’ payment preferences. Quickly pay your vendor via credit card, and your recipient won’t know the difference — they will get paid via check, wire, or ACH.

It is pretty easy to start using Plastiq. Here are three simple steps:

  1. Sign up free for Plastiq and add recipients 
  2. Choose how you want to pay
  3. Recipients will receive funds via check, wire, or ACH 

Plastiq offers your business the flexibility to pay using major credit/debit cards and bank transfers. Therefore, you will never face any difficulty paying business expenses, suppliers, vendors, or other parties. 

When it comes to receiving payments from your customers, Plastiq Accept enables you to take more forms of payment at no additional cost to you.

Just sign up for Plastiq Accept and get a customized payment link to send to your customers – allowing you to get paid faster and more efficiently and your customers the flexibility to pay via credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers. 

Providing customers with the flexibility to pay is likely to boost sales. A recent study to understand friction points during the payment process done by Weave found that 38% of customers have been unable to complete a deal because their preferred form of payment wasn’t accepted.


What’s Unique About Plastiq

Not only does Plastiq help you pay and get paid faster — but they provide a variety of benefits to help small businesses like you get business done faster and better. Plastiq offers free bank transfers, better deals on global payments, accounting software sync, multi-user access, one-stop tracking, and rewards. 

The company uses the latest security technology and compliance in the payment industry. The trust of more than 1 million people and businesses proves that Plastiq is a fast, easy, and safe way to pay and get paid. The platform has safely enabled more than two billion payments so far. And the number is rapidly growing.  

If you need to increase cash flow, Plastiq offers tremendous benefits.  


Published in sponsorship with Plastiq.

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