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Plastiq’s All-in-One Payment Solution Can Help Your Small Business Grow Fast

Plastiq’s All-in-One Payment Solution Can Help Your Small Business Grow Fast

Business owners make multiple payments regularly.

Vendors, business expenses, suppliers, raw materials, taxes, rent are just a few.

Making timely payments to everyone is critical for your business to operate like a well-oiled machine.

Be it a vendor or supplier, a slight delay in payment can damage your business relationship and your ability to make the payments you owe.

Tracking multiple accounts payable is cumbersome, let alone tracking the preferred payment methods for each vendor.



It offers an all-in-one payment platform that enables you to put virtually any expense on your credit card and maintain excellent small business cash reserves.

How Plastiq Works

Plastiq empowers you to pay vendors, suppliers, or any other business expenses the way you want, regardless of your recipients’ payment preferences.

Quickly pay your vendor via credit card, and your recipient won’t know the difference — they will get paid via check, wire, or ACH.

Here are three simple steps to follow to start using Plastiq:

Create a free account on Plastiq. Add who you want to pay, and enter your credit card information.

  1. Plastiq processes your card purchases securely.
  2. Your recipient receives money by wire, check, or automated clearing house (ACH)

And your recipient can be nearly ANYONE — Vendors or suppliers, or other payment receiving parties don’t have to have a Plastiq account to get paid. Plastiq only charges you to make a payment by card; there is no fee charged to you when you get paid. Start collecting merchant-fee free payments by signing up to receive your customized payment link. Your customers won’t need an account and can pay you via debit card, credit card, or cash payment from their bank.

How Your Business Can Leverage Plastiq’s All-in-one Payment Solution

Plastiq’s all-in-one payment solution is all you need to succeed.

You can quickly sync Plastiq with QuickBooks online. The integration allows you to automatically categorize Plastiq payments, pay vendors with the touch of a button, and instantly reconcile invoices and payments.

Plastiq gives you the flexibility to view and schedule your payments in one place to easily manage accounts payable. And with Plastiq’s multi-user feature, you can add up to 5 employees to your account and speed up your business’ bookkeeping.

If your business makes payments globally, Plastiq empowers you to pay in 40+ countries. You can pay in 20+ foreign currencies with the most competitive exchange rates.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up for Plastiq here for free and explore how your business can succeed with Plastiq.


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