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Ramon’s Top 10 – Breakfast With Champions – Are You Too Cheap – Aug 5 2021

Ramon’s Top 10 – Breakfast With Champions – Are You Too Cheap – Aug 5 2021

Glenn Lundy Ramon Ray

Here are the top 10 tips you need to know to start and grow your business or better your life.

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August 5 – Ramon’s Top 10

  1. Are we too cheap? Should we pay more (Seth Godin)
  2. Starting your side hustle (score) 
  3. Customer Management software
  4. Scarlett Johansson sues Disney
  5. Solo entrepreneurs suffered most
  6. Personalized video
  7. Social audio – which one?
  8. Mari Smith Facebook Queen
  9. Forbes 30 under 30
  10. Grow with Google

Are we too cheap? Should we pay more (Seth Godin)

      1. Free is not always best
      2. Pay a premium for a premium experience
      3. Invest in someone’s success


4 Questions To ask Before You Start Your Side Hustle (SCORE)

      1. Full-time biz maybe not for all or for you at this time
      2. Ramon was fired from United Nations and had a side hustle before he was fired
      3. Just some extra money is one reason to have a side hustle, to earn more for your family
      4. Flipped This Lifestyle is a great resource to consider to get paid to teach what your know

Are you Using Customer Management Software

(Nimble, Keap, Thryv, Wix, vCita)

      1. All customers are not the same, segmenting your customers is important.
      2. Personalize the buying experience to treat each customer special
      3. Follow up, you are not your future client’s priority

Scarlett Johansson sues Disney. When should you fight for what you’re worth? (WSJ)

      1. Remember you’re an asset and your clients need you.
      2. Don’t beg. Make you’re own table or take your seat at it
      3. Most clients or customers are great but some will take advantage of you

Solo Entrepreneurs Suffered Most Last year (Bloomberg)

      1. Is too small dangerous. Sometimes we need to scale just a bit to sustain ourselves.
      2. Profit vs revenue. Having a lot of top-line revenue but not paying yourself is not good.
      3. Niche and premium. Don’t go broad and try to be the cheapest.
      4. Get closer to your customers
      5. Be clear on the flywheel of what makes your business work (Jim Collins book)
      6. Not just the tactics of running a business but also the strategies of leading your business 

Personalized video (Content Marketing Institute)

      1. Not just video to all but video to each person
      2. Loom, Bomb Bomb – two video personalization services
      3. Use for sales call follow up, thank yous

Social Audio – What’s the Future (Morning Brew)

      1. Hedge your bets
      2. Touch customers on multiple platforms
      3. Build your email list, own your real-estate

Join Mari Smith, Facebook Queen and Ramon Ray LIVE (Free Webinar)

      1. Facebook is always changing 
      2. There are the basics and the ninja tips – get both in this webinar

Forbes 30 Under 30 Nominations are open (Forbes)

      1. Get recognized 
      2. Get credibility
      3. Fee or no fee? Paying is ok.

Grow with Google – free training (Google)

    1. Many things to know 
    2. Website optimization 
    3. Local Google marketing Hacks


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