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Social Media Power Tips – 7 Experts Share Their 7 Secrets

Social Media Power Tips – 7 Experts Share Their 7 Secrets

7 experts got together and shared their best tips for social media marketing. They shared this on the Entrepreneur Facebook page, hosted by social media marketer Kim Walsh Phillips. These experts include:

Glenn LundyDana BowlingDhomonique MurphyCarmelia RayDaniel Robbins , Rachel DeAlto, and Ramon Ray, founder of

All of these experts and more will be speaking at the Listeing  and Beyond Marketing and Mindset Summit in NYC on 29 and 30 July 2021. LIVE event with 20+ experts!

Here are their quick tips:

Leverage Other Peoples Audience

Identify other people, in similar and/or complementary industries as you partner. Look for people other relative equal parity. For example, it’s not quite fair to do a partnership with some who has 2 followers on Twitter and you have 4 million. However, two fitness coaches who have a few thousand followers each, could partner together and grow their respective followings.

Make it a true partnership and win-win.

What’s in it for THEM and what’s in it for you?

The Frequency Equation

Frequency plus Proximity equals Affinity

Here’s what this powerful concept means, shared by Glenn Lundy.

Post content frequently. This will get you CLOSER to people and they’ll remember you.

This closeness will build affinity in their minds for you! Sometimes it helps to just be nice to people.

I talk about the power of this in “Celebrity CEO“.

Ask for a Smile Before a Sale

It’s important to build a community of fans and nurture them to a sale. This is the power of personal branding.

Another key concept is to ask for a smile before sale.

Don’t seek to sell, first. First, seek to build a relationship.

Content Pillars

The success of content marketing takes discipline. Part of that discipline is to be focused on what you share with your community. Being a great communicator is important.

Instead of talking about everything, discipline yourself to focus.

Focus on the core of your message and what you want your audience to most remember.

The Power of Engagement

Instead of just seeking to build your follower count, seek to build engaged fans.

Produce content so good that it causes people to TAKE ACTION.

Contests, questions, polls, surveys and challenges are all great ways to get your community to “click”.


The power of content marketing – 24 minute video.

Social media is not enough.


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