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Why Video Content Is The Future of Marketing

Why Video Content Is The Future of Marketing

Video content has gained a lot of attention over the past few years because of its ability to get your message across in much better and convincing way. Video content gives you an ability to convince your viewers with your emotions, body language, and overall conduct. Content marketing has been great up till now but the next step is video marketing and it will definitely make a massive impact on the marketing industry and will revolutionize the conventional marketing techniques.

Video content is being used in the form of short videos, webinars and online courses. It has so much power, and the success rates are quite high. Many YouTubers are earning billions of dollars by creating and uploading videos. Likewise, webinars and short courses are being used by many as a great form of teaching people offshore without an actual physical presence and are earning thousands of dollars.

Marketers have realized the potential of video marketing, and that’s why video content is now used a lot as a mode of marketing. Let’s see why video content is making such a huge impact and why it will be the future of content marketing.

1 – Webinars are gaining attention

Still not sure what is a webinar? Then you have to catch up soon because webinars are the new mode of conducting all those boring conferences over the internet, but only they are more interesting there. Webinars are really fun because you can listen to them in the comfort of your home and learn valuable information at the same time. Many of your conferences and seminars will be done online in the near future in the form of webinars. The most beneficial aspect is that you don’t have to worry about missing any details because the webinar will always be there for you to watch.

2 – Increasing stats

Video content will be the future, and that can be seen by the ever increasing stats of video content on the internet. Let’s have a look at a few of these stats by Hubspot.

  • Video links in the landing pages of website increases conversions to 80%
  • Marketing emails including videos have click rates and the boost goes from 200-300%
  • Video content is claimed to take over more than 80% of web traffic by 2019
  • People claim that 90% of the video helps urge them to buy products
  • Youtube’s stats show that the mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year
  • Video content urges users to buy products as 64% responded in favor of it
  • Marketers have already realized this potential, and about 87% of the digital marketers are using video content in their strategies
  • People spend most of their time watching videos online
  • 35% of video ads are now available online
  • The higher management of 59% of the companies would, in fact, be convinced by a video rather than reading any text or lengthy report about anything
  • Also, video content takes a lot less time to convey your message. A digital marketing expert estimated that about 1.8 million words could be put together in a single minute of a video

3 – Online video courses are becoming the new education

Of course who wouldn’t like to expand their skills and learn from the experts. Online courses have gained quite an attention, and most prestigious universities are now offering online courses as they have realized the importance of online media. People all over the world have access to online classes and can learn from anyone in the world. Even the teachers are earning a great deal of money by selling online courses. So, if you are good at anything, it can be cashed into a never-ending stream of income.

4 – Video content is good for SEO

Not everyone was in favor of video content because of a belief that it doesn’t impact search engine ranking which is one of the key factors to consider in online marketing. Video content is good for SEO in a way that the decision makers of companies would be convinced more to buy products or services if the landing page has a video embedded in it. It eventually is a really positive impact for your SEO rankings. People coming and watching video on your website will give you the necessary clicks and views for improving the ranking of your website.

5 – More emphasized brand message

Marketers can use the video content to build up a strong brand because video content gives you all chances to get your readers attention and ultimately convince them to buy from you. Even if you are just putting an idea in the minds of viewers, you will have a lot more edge than any other form of content. You can put your brand message right into the minds of your viewers, and convincing wouldn’t be a problem if you are doing it well.

6 – Video content gets shared more

We all receive hundreds of videos every day and the practice has become more prevalent in last few years. Videos were a big issue a few years ago because of less number of viewing devices and lesser access of people to the internet. However, it is now the peak time to start making and sharing video content because there is no better way to get your message across when people have all the compatible devices and more than ever uninterrupted access to the internet. So, whatever grabs the attention of your viewers will definitely be shared within their circle and even in the unknown groups. So, you won’t even know where your video is making impressions, and then the sharing change doesn’t end anywhere.

Final Words

Still not convinced that video marketing is the way to go? Well, what’s better than the unbreakable chain of content getting shared? There’s nothing better, look at the stats and see it for real. Video content has unimaginable power to convince your audience, and if you aren’t getting a good response, it’s time to fix something in your videography. Good video content will do its marketing itself.

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