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12 of the Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Available Today

12 of the Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Available Today

The Swiss Army knife is an extremely handy tool. You can do many things with one and do them well. Due to their small size, some of the individual tools can have certain limitations. Yet given the chance, few people would refuse one as a gift, and most wouldn’t hesitate to purchase one at a fair price.

A multipurpose theme is a different kind of animal. The performance of some would lead you to think about the “Jack of all trades, master of none” saying. You would believe that this truism that applies to software tools just as it does to many other things.

Indeed, some may be lacking in what you need to build certain types of websites. Yet, premier multipurpose themes provide everything you’ll need to build a high-performing website. Here are the 12 best options in our opinion.

Be Theme

BeTheme’s 40+ core features give you a powerful toolkit you can use to build any type of website for any purpose, and as close to perfection as possible. These core website-building features have much to do with Be being the biggest WordPress theme of them all. What really tips the “bigness” scales is its library of more than 400 professionally designed, responsive, and customizable pre-built websites.

As these 30+ pre-built websites cover all the major business and industry sectors, it’s never a problem to find a close match that will get your project off to a flying start. Better yet, each of these pre-built websites features the functionality you need to produce a website that is not only responsive, retina-ready, and SEO friendly but features a friendly UX as well.

Features like the new Header Builder provide you with greater design flexibility and make your overall design effort as easy as can be. No coding is necessary, and it’s not at all unusual to complete a reasonably complex project in as little as 4 hours.


Give Jupiter X half a chance to show its stuff and it will do what only a premium quality multipurpose theme is capable of. It will let you build the unbuildable. Its Elementor page builder, with a little assistance from WordPress Customizer technology, allows you to build and customize parts of your website that are beyond the capabilities of most other themes.

You can design headers and footers from scratch, another feature that seems to elude most other themes; and with Jupiter X you can completely reinvent the appearance of your blog list, blog single page, and portfolio list. You can also take advantage of this multipurpose theme’s stunningly beautiful ready-made website templates to get any project off to a quick start.

Jupiter X is a makeover of the immensely popular Jupiter WordPress theme. It’s developer friendly, scalable, and with the help of Bootstrap, Beans, and ACF is also extendible.

Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode is a pixel perfect creative multipurpose WordPress theme that was designed with great attention to detail and performance and packed with tools and features that enable its users to achieve the same highly-customized details and performance in their website designs.

Uncode’s advanced adaptive grid system with its wide range of options allows you to create layouts you thought would be incredibly difficult if not impossible to achieve. These options extend to portfolio styles and include typographic and hover animation options as well as selective image sizes and ratios.

There’s much more that can be said about Uncode but since space is limited, we suggest you visit their website and view their showcase of user-created websites. You’re guaranteed to be both impressed and inspired!


With its impressive selection of layout designs, high-quality design demos, theme options, and drag and drop elements to work with at your fingertips, you shouldn’t be overly surprised to discover just how easy Kalium is to work with.

Premium fonts, a useful selection of bundled plugins, and regular updates also come with the package. Kalium is a great portfolio builder and offers endless possibilities in other areas as well.

TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

First time users often find TheGem somewhat overwhelming. Not because it’s difficult to work with. It’s not. It’s TheGems’s flexibility and diversity that get their attention; qualities that you should expect once you dive into what this WordPress theme offers. It’s truly the ultimate WP toolbox.

TheGem is packed to the rim with multi-purpose design concepts, stunning and inspiring demo pages, flexible page layouts, and more, and its ideal for startups, agencies, and businesses of any size.

Brook – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

The tools Brook provides users with certainly have much to do with this best-seller’s popularity; but as any experienced web designer will tell you, it’s the performance that counts. This theme’s squeaky-clean code gives a guarantee of optimal performance on all browsers and devices.

Whether you’re building business websites, news blogs, creative portfolios, landing pages or even starting from scratch, Brook puts the ultimate control power in your hands with all responsive features integrated inside

KLEO – Pro Community Focused, Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

This community-focused multipurpose theme is ideal for startups trying to gain the attention needed to grow and succeed. It’s host of cool features include its ability to help you have a working site up and running in a matter of minutes, 1 click import of ready-to-use demos, sliders, images, and other design elements.

With respect to plugins, Kleo is a plugin’s best friend in that it will work well with the vast majority of them.


The Bridge WordPress theme is chock-full of web-design options. Browse its library of 376 and counting pre-made websites and you’re guaranteed to find one that will enable you to get your next project off to a lightning-fast start.

Bridge also provides an impressive assortment of design modules that enable you to create anything from magazines and blogs to online shops, and your need for coding is as close to zero as you can get.

Pofo – Creative Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce WordPress Theme

Pofo is a modern web design theme that was created with creatives in mind. Pofo is an ideal choice for artists, teams, and agencies in need of a tool that enables them to create stunning portfolios, informative and engaging blogs, and user-friendly online shops.

 Pofo is customizable, flexible, and features a large and outstanding selection of home and demo pages and pre-built design elements.

Crocal – Premium WordPress Theme

Crocal is new; and as such it may be unfamiliar to most web designers. Created by ThemeForest’s #1 rated elite author, it has nevertheless been clearly demonstrated that it will give you superior performance and it is extremely user friendly.

One of Crocal’s key features is its advanced grid system, a feature than almost guarantees you can expect superior flexibility. Crocal is also Gutenberg optimized and fully GDPR and WordPress compliant.


Schema give you one less issue to worry about; SEO. It’s an area many web designers struggle to get right. Schema guides search engines though your site, section by section, and design element by design element.

Schema checks code quality, page load times, and other performance features that can make or break a website, and lets you know what needs fixing.

Movedo – We DO MOVE Your World

MOVEDO is a WordPress theme by creatives, for creatives. It gives you the capability of incorporating the effects of motion in your websites that could lead users to believe that you have a magic wand hidden away in your design toolkit.

What MOVEDO actually does is to apply animations, dynamic parallax effects, and other special effects in ways that give your websites a little extra spark and pizzazz.


We’ve tried to narrow your search for a multipurpose theme that will best meet your needs down to a precious few. We hope you’re convinced that we’ve succeeded. There are no wrong choices to be made here.

It simply a matter of selecting what appeals to you and running with it. Amazing and profitable website-building adventures await you during the remaining months of 2019.

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