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4 Ways to Make Memorable Customer Contact

4 Ways to Make Memorable Customer Contact

Introducing your brand and products to a prospective customer gives you a chance to make a sale. The first moment of contact with a prospect is the start of a relationship, including many factors determining the outcome of this dynamic. Understanding prospect behavior during the contact phase of a sales relationship is vital to qualifying your prospect and delivering them a product or service that they need.

Here are 4 tactics you can use to make an excellent first impression and build rapport with your customers in both an online and offline situation.

1. Learn Your Customer’s Name

Greet your customer by their name. Prospects like to hear you mention their name; it makes them feel like you know them and understand their needs. In an offline situation, or on the phone, greet your customer enthusiastically and introduce yourself. Follow this up by asking your prospect their name and then repeating it back to them with a statement of acknowledgment, such as “pleased to meet you, Ms. XYZ.”

This subtle persuasion tactic has a powerful effect on the subconscious mind of your prospect. You can apply it to online sales as well. Use CRM software to send out email campaigns directly addressed to every individual on your list.

2. Personalize Your Service

Adding a personalized touch to your customer contact improves the retail experience for your customers. Use a CRM system to capture all of the vital information about your customer so you can serve them better.

If you notice that your customer enters your store wearing a specific team’s football jersey on game day, that’s critical information you can use to gain a lifelong customer. On the next game day, send them an autographed cap or scarf of their favorite team. You’ll astound your customer with this “WOW experience” and increase their brand loyalty to you.

For online retailers, ask your customers for their social media information. Spend time researching their social accounts and follow them using your official company account. Drop them a personalized Tweet or Instagram mention after you’ve followed them, thanking them for their patronage. This social contact strategy will give you in-depth information on your customer demographics, and allow you to benefit from using this information in your online marketing campaigns.

3. Appreciate Your Customer

What retention strategy are you using? Retaining your customers is as essential as making contact with new prospects. Once you have opened the relationship, it’s up to you to keep the communication going and make it as memorable as possible.

Show your customer that you value their business. Invite established customers to VIP sales days, or offer them a deeper discount to incentivize them to purchase. Provide special shipping rates or an additional service that you can give them as a gift.

Customer appreciation plays a significant role in customer satisfaction and the maintenance of a healthy sales relationship between your company and your customers. Drop them a handwritten note on beautiful company stationary, along with a discount card for their next purchase.

4. Tips for Online Retailers

Brand your unboxing experience with the use of custom mailers when you ship your products. If your customer ordered online, receiving their parcel in the mail is their first physical point of contact with your company and brand. Use this opportunity to impress. Studies show that we establish our first impression within 3 seconds of meeting someone.

The visual cues they present to us help us understand their class, status, personality, and character, all in just 3 seconds. The same principle applies when your customer receives your packaged product. Is your packaging high-quality? Does it represent the values of your brand? What more can you do to add value to the unboxing experience?

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