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Five Tips for Entrepreneurs to Increase the Price of a Home in 2018

Five Tips for Entrepreneurs to Increase the Price of a Home in 2018

The forecasts of different banking entities suggest that the purchase of housing will increase by 2018 from between 5% and 7%. The location, the state of the building, the offers and demand of the area, the surface or the orientation are right now the determining factors for calculating the price of a property at the time of selling it.

Although it is impossible to influence these aspects to increase the appraised value, there are some elements and actions that can be done to help to revalue a home. Do not forget that the state in which the house is located in at the time of placing the poster ‘For Sale’ will also affect the calculation of its market price.

This article will guide you and reveal five keys to increasing the resale value of a property in 2018.

1. Win meters without expanding

One of the most valued aspects when looking for housing is the space and the number of rooms. Actions such as throwing partitions, removing or adding rooms, getting rid of long corridors or placing the furniture in such a way that they provide a sense of spaciousness will convert every useful meter into a space that is really usable. This not only reduces the time of sale, but the appraised value would add the cost of the reform plus a benefit of around 10%.

2. Commitment to the environment

20% of future buyers seek housing committed to the environment. Small details such as a more efficient boiler or presence detectors for lighting, as well as the installation of solar panels or the implementation of intelligent technologies are a boost for the sale. It is necessary to take into account the different ways you can implement energy improvement in your home.

3. First impressions

According to experts, the future buyer decides on a home within the first seven seconds, so the first impression should be impeccable: freshly painted rooms with neutral colors, storage spaces, modern decor, lighting with light bulbs that give more light or provide clear tones, windows with curtains and open blinds, cleaning and order, changing of the switches, etc. Focusing on wood when remodeling the house will give the rooms more warmth, and combined with other resources such as metal, they can exude a modern and industrial touch, which is very fashionable.

4. Doors, windows and floors

It is advisable to replace the old windows of simple glasses with others with better acoustic and thermal behavior. Double glazing is, right now, one of the most valued aspects in this regard. Likewise, doors and built-in wardrobes are the parts that suffer the most in the home due to daily use, so deterioration is more noticeable. Since replacing all woodwork can be very expensive, there is also the option of changing the handles and treating or lacquering them. With the case of the floor, it is advisable to polish the surface or enact its renovation with parquet, click parquet or imitation wood or stoneware vinyls. For quality windows and doors installation services, ECO Choice Windows and Doors is considered by many to be a name that you can trust.

5. Renovate the bathrooms and kitchen

These are two critical points when assessing a home. If the property has more than two rooms it is recommended to have at least two bathrooms. With this context, although a complete update can be an excessive expense, changing the curtain of the shower, the mirror, the faucets or the lid of the toilet, as well as replacing the bathtub with a practical shower, will bring a better image and more value to the final appraisal. Regarding the kitchen, it is recommended to renovate elements such as the floor, tiles or appliances (the more efficient, the better). In both cases, it is very trendy to paint the tiles, which will give a more renovated and clean look.

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