A lot of people talk about having a positive mental attitude. The phrase has almost become cliché. It is true that having a positive attitude is one of the keys to success, but how do you maintain this type of thinking? Are there specific techniques that can be learned to help keep your attitude ‘Green & Growing’?

Many people desire to have a happier, more fulfilling life. The self-help industry continues to be profitable as more and more people seek ways to better their lives. Having a ‘Green & Growing’ positive attitude is not just about being cheery all the time. While there is certainly nothing wrong with being cheery, making it a habit can be a challenge.

Some of the best techniques for planting and cultivating a ‘Green & Growing’ positive attitude on a consistent basis, include: meditation, affirmation, and visualization.
Take some time daily to go apart from the noise of the world. There are different methods for meditating. A simple technique is to find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes, and take a few slow deep breaths. You can choose to not think of anything or you can focus on one central thought. It is good to mediate for thirty minutes in the morning and another thirty minutes in the evening. It may be difficult at first to still your thoughts, but after a while, you will learn how control them.

Affirmations are like prayers. They are positive and personal. An affirmation can be as simple at saying to yourself a statement such as “I am confident.” The more you continue to say affirmations, and believe with feeling what you are saying is true, the more your mind will adjust your life circumstances to make the affirmations your reality.

The imagination is a powerful force. It has been called “the scissors of the mind” for its ability to form and shape the thoughts of the mind into real things and circumstances. Creative visualization is intentionally using your imagination to help create the positive circumstances of your life. You can use visualization to plan out your day or rehearse an upcoming event in your mind.

Using all of these techniques together is like continuously planting seeds in the garden of your mind. Practicing them and making them a habit is like supplying the seeds with a necessary nutrients and water to help them grow. Avoiding negative thoughts and people is like keeping weeds from taking root in your garden and strangling your growing seeds. The more you practice these positive techniques, they will help you develop and maintain a ‘Green and Growing’ positive attitude.

About the Author:  Ty Howard,
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