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Why You Should Have Remote Employees Use Time Tracking Software

Why You Should Have Remote Employees Use Time Tracking Software

The remote working revolution has had a huge number of benefits on companies across sectors. Over 91% of workers said they felt more productive when working from home over working at the office. But you need to make sure that your workers are actually giving 100% otherwise you could see a drop-in productivity.

With 43% of Americans working remotely at least some of the time, your company must prepare for this now. Here’s why you should begin using time tracking software for remote workers.

Making Sure the Work is Getting Done

Without managers to watch over your employees, you’re relying on the honor system to make sure everyone is working their hardest. But trust alone is not going to stop the occasional slacker. An employee time clock ensures that everyone is telling the truth.

This is not about spying on your workers, it’s about making sure that they’re getting the work done that they should in a timely manner. It’s about protecting your interests as an employer.

Become More Efficient

These days the average online time clock is so much more advanced than just showing when your employee is working and when they’re taking a break. They can even track exactly what an employee is doing when they’re on the clock. With modern tools such as OnTheClock you have more advanced options than just showing when your employee is working and when they’re taking a break.

Of course, you can find out if someone is spending the majority of their time on social media, but you can also find out which tasks are taking the longest.

For example, Employee A may have spent a huge amount of time on responding to customer’s emails, whereas Employee B only spent one hour a day on customer’s emails.

In the future you can arrange your team to ensure that Employee B is able to help Employee A through collaboration or you could have Employee B handle those tasks and assign Employee A with something that they are able to complete quicker. This will ultimately mean that the work is shared evenly and that the work is done faster.

Spotting Trends in Employee Productivity

Employees want the highest level of productivity possible. Therefore, they can use the data they get back from online time management software to spot common trends amongst their employees.

One common example of this is that on Friday afternoon productivity might be down. Employers can use that information to set the heavier tasks to coincide with the most productive hours and days. That’s just good management!

Allowing More Flexibility

As an employer, you don’t care when your employees work as long as the work gets done. Online time management software ensures that employees are able to clock in and clock out when they like, as long as there are no imminent deadlines on the horizon.

This is going to lead to happier employees because they’re allowed to fit work around the rest of their day. Higher morale means your employees are going to work harder for you.

No Buddy Punching

A time clock confirms that the person clocking on is the person actually working. Simple time clocks not rooted to a PC or laptop can let employees clock on for each other. Naturally, this is something you want to avoid.

By giving out company devices with the software installed, everyone remains honest.

The Importance of Managing Your Remote Workers Carefully

As you’ve seen, time management clocks are able to give you a lot of information regarding remote working arrangements. But you may have read that some big companies are calling workers back into the office amidst a decline in productivity. This may have you thinking that this isn’t the best option at all.

But that just demonstrates the need for good management. If you manage your remote workers correctly, you won’t see a decline in productivity, instead, you’ll notice an increase in productivity.

Last Word – Making the Most of Time Management Software

To get the greatest value from time management software for remote workers you have to monitor it. Each day you should set some time aside to monitor the software and to compare data.

This data will help you make the big decisions that will go on to influence your company in the months and years ahead.

Have you started to implement time management software for your remote workers yet?

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