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5 Tips to Using Technology for Marketing

5 Tips to Using Technology for Marketing

Technology has taken the world by storm and revolutionized how things are done at individual and business levels. It has simplified many processes often undertaken by individuals and changed how businesses operate. With the advent of the internet came many advances in business processes.

The internet supports faster communication, access to information and social networking. Whether you’re a startup business owner or have been in business for years, you can use technology to market your brand, products and services. Here are five ways technology has revolutionized marketing:

Top 5 Ways Technology Supports Marketing

1. Mobile Devices

Millions access the internet through their mobile devices, creating an opportunity for businesses to market their products and services. SMS marketing and designing of responsive websites that can be accessed from mobile devices help businesses reach a wider audience with their offerings.

2. Websites

Businesses can create websites to promote their brand online. Customers and prospects can access company information such as contact details and what the business deals in, including product or services offerings. Websites also give companies access to a wider market online. They convey brand messages while reflecting the companies’ professional image.

3. Social Media

Businesses use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to engage their online audience to get conversations going. Product announcements, releases and any other information a company might want to share with their audience can be posted on social media websites. The platforms also allow businesses to promote their brands, products and/or services to their prospects.

4. Content Marketing

Content is still king in the eyes of search engines such as Google. Interesting, useful and engaging content sells. Businesses can use content for informational or promotional purposes. Companies use content to educate users on their products and services, including related information their audience might be interested in.

Content can be posted on company blogs, websites or even social media platforms to help educate users or promote a brand. It’s important for businesses to create unique, interesting and killer content to capture the attention and interest of their prospects. Google also rewards websites with great content by ranking them higher on search engine results.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Websites and web pages, including content or media posted on them, can be optimized for higher ranking on search engine results pages. The Google algorithm uses various parameters to rank web pages and links when relevant search queries are made. Content should be optimized with a 3% keyword density to avoid keyword stuffing.

SEO content is optimized with keywords for search engines and written to help solve common problems or answer questions often asked by consumers. The use of inbound and outbound links, press releases and posting on social media profiles also help with search engine optimization efforts. Successful SEO efforts increase traffic to business websites, bringing in more sales and thus ROI.

Online marketing efforts, just like offline promotions, allow businesses to get their products and services to their customers and prospects. Speaking of traditional marketing strategies, look into ordering a flyer maker service to promote your business brand, products and/or services for increased return on your investment.

Ultimately, all the campaign efforts are geared towards increasing sales for improved return on investments. However, online marketing through SEO and social media strategies is more cost-effective and easily accessible to all.

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