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Pure Reiki Healing

Become A Certified Usui Reiki Healing Master With The Latest Reiki Certification Program.
Become A Certified Usui Reiki Healing Master With The Latest Reiki Certification Program.
Gravity: 23.5738
Rank: 1


Usui reiki healing master

Became a powerful reiki master using a simple fool-proof technique.
The Usui Reiki Healing Master system will guide you step-by-step through the process of learning how to use the Power of Reiki to Heal Yourself and Others. It's very easy to learn Reiki with the right technique and anyone can do it with just a little effort.
Gravity: 4.55628
Rank: 3


The ultimate reiki package

Online video webcast which guides you through the complete reiki master package.
Becoming A Powerful Reiki Master Has Never Been So Quick, Easy Or Complete. This Unique Online, Multimedia Training Package, Can Take You To The Level Of Chikara-reiki-do Master, Usui Reiki Master And Tibetan Reiki Master In Less Than 48 Hours.
Gravity: 1.10597
Rank: 4


Audio Crystal Therapy

Crystal Healing Download the full set of 36 crystal frequencies from here
Listening To These Frequencies Whilst Relaxing Can Recreate The Healing Power Of The Crystal Or Mineral. The Classic Healing Ability Of Crystal Therapy Has Been Recreated Using The Correct Audible And Sub Audible Frequencies.
Gravity: 0.63824
Rank: 5


Healing by reiki

Be a reiki master discover how to channel the beautiful healing energy of reiki.
The course has been carefully designed to introduce you to Reiki and quickly get you started giving Reiki treatments to yourself and others.And as you progress through the Reiki One, Reiki Two and Reiki Master courses you will soon see your knowledge and understanding of Reiki grow and grow.
Gravity: 0.10167
Rank: 6


Our ultimate reality

This reveals a Divine nature and purpose for true meaning of life to enjoy a life of peace.
Our Ultimate Reality has become the the de-facto reference for many on all Spiritual, Metaphysical and Life subjects and how to realise a life of peace, harmony, fulfilment, happiness and fulfilment of true potential.
Gravity: 1.63843
Rank: 7


Chakra healing secrets

Discover how to find and correct chakra imbalances and improve your quality of life.
Chakra Balancing is the ultimate tool for your overall personal growth, health, and well-being. In Hypnosis, you will do a Chakra Meditation for each of your seven Chakras, or Chakra Energy Centers within your body, and a final Chakra Balance session to bring them all into perfect alignment.
Gravity: 0.21624
Rank: 8


Spiritual way of getting pregnant

Shows You How God Wants To Bless You With The Children You Desire
Woman, You Are Not Infertile is filled with information to help you during this difficult journey you are on. You will learn that God is with you at all times and He wants to see you happy. In addition, youll learn so much more to glorify God and celebrate your own abundance.
Gravity: 0.16593
Rank: 9


Past forward

The biggest site on past lives, karma and reincarnation you will find In this life.
Breakthrough Chakra Healing Program combines the BEST of Ancient and Modern Technologies to Heal Your Life Naturally.
Gravity: 0
Rank: 10


Self-healing Expressions

Review our wide array of affordably priced holistic and healing courses and listen to your heart.
This herbal studies course guides you to become an herbalist, so you may Learn how to create herbal blends for healing for your own personal healing and your family.Add herbal healing to your existing healing practice. Start your own herbal healing business and selling your own herbal blends.
Gravity: 0
Rank: 11


How To Heal Your Mind

A Simple System That Anyone Can Use To Unite Your Mind, Body and Spirit And Achieve Optimal Health.
Who Else Is Ready To Join The Numbers of People Around The World Who Are Experiencing The Peace, Tranquility And Elevated Level Of Overall Health? Get A Super-Effective Yet Amazingly Simple System That Anyone Can Use To Unite Their Mind, Body And Spirit And Achieve Optimal Health.
Gravity: 0
Rank: 14