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Rest Any Windows Password

Discover How You Can Safely Reset Any Windows admin or user Password In 2 Minutes From Now
For those who are having problems remembering their computer password, the Reset Password Pro is indeed a great help. With the use of this tool, you will be able to log in to your computer without the need to key-in your password.
Gravity: 6.22207
Rank: 1


Win Xp Password Reset

Reset Your Xp Password In 3 Easy Steps With Password Resetter
You don't have to know the old passwords anymore. You don't have to spend more money on technicians spending hours to reset your Windows password. With this simple software package resetting your password is just a click away. Password Resetter is simple to use, with a friendly graphical interface.
Gravity: 3.22181
Rank: 2


Internet Monitoring Software

Discover the Truth from Any Device with PC Tattletale Computer Monitoring Software
PC Tattletale is computer and internet monitoring software that allows you to do employee monitoring or child computer monitoring. See how it works now.
Gravity: 2.59144
Rank: 3


PC monitoring software

The ideal solution for monitoring your spouse, employees, children, and schools.
FlashCrest Software creates video and monitoring software for home, business, schools, and government. Our software can record web sites, keystrokes, email, chat conversations, instant messages, MySpace and Facebook activity, snapshots and much more.
Gravity: 0.75145
Rank: 4


How To Secure Your Ipad

Learn how to shield the data on your iPad from prying eyes and even from most skilled hackers.
The HidePad VPN works to protect your iPad anywhere in the world, so you are protected wherever you go, 24/7. Using NSA standard 256 bit encryption, HidePad will protect your data from even the most skilled hackers, leaving you safe and secure even when youre in a public place using free Wi-Fi.
Gravity: 1.09335
Rank: 5


Compuclever Antivirus Plus

CompuClever Antivirus Plus, Best antivirus and antispyware protection.
CompuClever Antivirus Plus, Best antivirus and antispyware protection. Zero interruptions. Silent Security. Easy and Fast.
Gravity: 0.25514
Rank: 6


1-click fix utilities

All in one PC repair, data recovery and security software will solve any broken situation
1-Click Fix Utilities are simple, yet extremely powerful, time-tested and effective applications to take care of just about any problem on your computer you're experiencing RIGHT NOW or in the future.
Gravity: 0.25999
Rank: 7


Cyberscrub Computer Security

Remove All Evidence Of Online Activity, Erase Files Beyond Recovery, And Destroy Email.
Remove All Evidence Of Online Activity, Erase Files Beyond Recovery, And Destroy Email. Zd Net 5-star Pick.
Gravity: 0
Rank: 8


Cloaker scripts

The most frequently used php and javascript scripts packaged into one convenient box.
WebmasterInABox is a tool-kit full of ready-to-use, Copy-and-Paste PHP and Javascript scripts, that anyone even those who have absolutely no programming or designing skills at all can use to create an interactive, user-friendly, information-on-demand web site.
Gravity: 0
Rank: 9


Protect Your e-Books and Videos

Protect your digital contents with the best protection software on the market.
Protect Your Digital Products from Illegal Uploads You can create the version of your digital content completely protected from uploads with a few clicks. It will be usable on Windows and Mac platforms as well, just as a PDF. All created contents are equipped with 176-bit encryption.
Gravity: 0
Rank: 10


Eliminate Bots With No More Captchas

Stops Bots That Try To Register And Log In To Websites, Leave Spam Comments On Blogs
Nomorecaptchas Stops Bots That Try To Register And Log In To Websites, Leave Spam Comments On Blogs And Social Sites And Send Spam Message Emails Through Contact Forms. 30 Day Free Trial.
Gravity: 0
Rank: 11