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10 Top Small Business Trends To Watch For

10 Top Small Business Trends To Watch For

Small businesses form a large part of America’s professional landscape, accounting for about 44% of all economic activity in the US.  What makes businesses thrive changes, and 2022 promises to continue showcasing new inclinations and tendencies. Here are some of the top trends in small business this year. Here are 10 top trends, small business insights to help you think about the future of your business.

Workplaces are putting family first

The pandemic has made huge changes in our lives and business owners are taking note. Workplaces that are people-centered and that place family first are growing in value. Employees are searching for flexibility and small businesses that recognize that life has multiple demands, including those outside the office, are increasingly leading the pack.

An Increase in augmented and virtual reality

The augmented and virtual reality industry is expected to experience a growth rate of over 151% by 2024 and small businesses are benefiting. From AR enhanced business cards, to sampling experiences, VR remote recruitment, VR safety training and more, this use of technology in small business keeps on growing.

A growing reliance on cloud-based technologies

Cloud-based technologies are allowing small businesses to expand their presence online and in the real world through increased access to marketing, organizational assistants, document storage, and more. It’s a winning combination. Cloud-based technologies offer increased convenience and service at lower prices making them attractive for use in business at all levels.

More video

Everyone is glued to the online world. It’s a fact that businesses that use video to explain, inform, entertain, recruit, and convince are increasingly getting noticed.

The growth of niche communities

Success isn’t about reaching everyone. Often, it can simply be about connecting with the right community. Small businesses are increasingly targeting their efforts to market products and services online to niche communities that sell everything from t-shirts on-demand, to custom booties for your cat, mugs with political memes, and more.

Many influencers are choosing to use private networks like Mighty Networks instead of public networks like Facebook.

The use of custom apps

A custom app created uniquely for your small business can help you better connect with your audience, further promote your products and services, and gather information and data to be used in future marketing initiatives. Small business leaders are jumping on board.

Increased use of social audio

Social audio allows small businesses to develop their brand over social media and engage with customers. Audio messaging and conversation rooms hosted on platforms like Facebook and apps like Clubhouse, Racket, and Quest are now presenting even more opportunities for leaders to connect with their audience.

An increase in female business owners

Women-owned businesses only account for about 20% of all companies in the US but this is on the rise. Thousands of new female-owned businesses are established every year and experts say this trend is likely to carry on.

A continued shift away from Boomer owners to GenX

As the population ages, more and more businesses are now owned by GEN X (around 46%) and fewer by Baby Boomers (around 41%) who are retiring.

The adoption of big business processes and systems

With the increase in access to digital and cloud-based services, more small companies are adopting the systems of big business. This includes more automation, toll-free numbers, interactive voice response systems, and more. Some experts say this move will be crucial for success for many small businesses.

Trends come and go but as 2022 progresses, many patterns are growing into what could be a more permanent shift for small businesses. Adapting a new perspective and getting digital is increasingly part of the key to success.

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