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8 Ways to Build Your Email List for Successful Blogging

8 Ways to Build Your Email List for Successful Blogging

Most bloggers write and publish articles two or three times a week with the hope that it will help them build their personal brand and propel business growth. While this is a good practice, it is not the only thing that you should do. If you want to monetize your blog, it is important to start an email list and invest in an email marketing strategy. Almost all the huge names in the world of blogging have a quality email list with engaged followers.

To help you get started, we are here with some top-notch ideas to build your email list.

1. Have a sign-up form on your blog or website.

Your blog provides the best buttress to get people on your email list. Include an easily noticeable sign-up form on this page so that people can instantly sign up for your emails. You can keep a sticky form that is visible irrespective of the scroll and encourage more people to opt-in.

2. Promote insightful resources for download.

If you have insightful ebooks, whitepapers, and detailed guides on an interesting subject, promote them for download. Ask people for their email addresses before they can access them. This is a great way to build your email list as well as thought leadership in the digital world.

3. Incentivize users for providing their email addresses.

Provide a discount or free resource to the people who provide their email addresses. Doing so will get more people to sign up for the email list and make their first purchase too, if applicable.

4. Encourage people to refer new subscribers.

Carry out referral marketing so that you can acquire new subscribers on your list. Offer a freebie to the referees and referrals to make it all the more attractive for them.

5. Include a “forward-to-a-friend” link in your emails.

Let your email subscribers forward the emails to their friends. Add a “forward-to-a-friend” link in all your emails and allow users to sign up through the forwarded email.

6. Organize giveaways or contests.

It is a wonderful idea to organize giveaways and contests to build your visibility and prompt more people to join your email list. You can ask for the email address of the participants. This will not only help you get more traction in the digital space but also grow your email list by leaps and bounds.

7. Participate in events.

Register for conferences and events to network with people and promote yourself. First, ask the booth visitors to provide their email addresses and also share your business card with them. Once you are back from the event, then you can send a welcome email to all the visitors and connect with them on a personal level. Keep them engaged with informative emails that would deliver value to them.

8. Hold an interesting webinar.

If you want to build yourself as a subject matter expert, you can hold an interesting webinar and invite people to register. For example, suppose you have a blog on cryptocurrency. You can organize a webinar or Zoom meeting on why people should invest in cryptocurrency. It will surely draw the attention of your target audience and certainly help you get more people on your email list.

Wrapping Up

Emails are the best way to engage with your audience. Uniquely, they can be personalized according to the customer’s persona and emulate a one-on-one conversation, unlike social media posts. An active email list can translate into a handsome income if treated correctly. So, if you are a blogger who is yet to invest in email marketing and list-building tactics for stronger engagement, now is the right time.

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