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CNN+ Shut Down After Only 30 Days. Don’t Fear Failure.

CNN+ Shut Down After Only 30 Days. Don’t Fear Failure.

About a month ago CNN+ was launched as a special, streaming service to host special CNN content and more. Staff were hired, lots of money was spent. Then it was all shut down. What can we learn about this for our businesses?

It was shut down as there was a disagreement between what the new management wanted to do and what the former management wanted to do. CNN, owned by Warner Media, was merged with Discovery Channel – hence the new leadership.

Although it was shut down as new management didn’t want it in any case, there’s lessons we can learn about testing and not being afraid to fail.

Here are a few things we can learn:

  • It’s ok to test and experiment. If you don’t try new things you won’t know what works
  • Quickly measure success and know what it should be defined
  • Don’t be afraid to quickly “stop” doing the experiment
  • Don’t let the “failed” experiment stop you from testing new things
  • Those who experimented, give them a badge of honor and not shame them for the “failure”
  • Learn from the experiment. Be it a failure or success. Take lessons learned to other projects.

What are you working on? What are you testing?

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