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How to Use AI to Add Human Touch to Emails

How to Use AI to Add Human Touch to Emails

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered all marketing channels and email is no exception. It has made email marketing more effective and increased its ROI. If we go by the definition of AI, it is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, particularly computer systems.

You can use AI in different ways in email marketing. You can use AI-driven tools to write engaging subject lines and powerful copies, optimize the send time and enhance the deliverability rate. In addition, you can also use predictive analytics to target the customers according to their behavior and interests.

Let’s discuss in greater detail how you can use AI and make your emails more humanized.

  • Email subject lines

    Your subject lines decide whether or not the recipients will open the email or royally ignore it. AI tools take the help of natural language generation to draft effective subject lines. More often than not, email copywriters go by their gut and guesswork to create subject lines that would appeal to the readers. AI eliminates the guesswork and strategically creates high-converting subject lines. Especially, tools like Phrasee can come in handy if you are looking for powerful subject lines. Additionally, such tools use algorithms and analyze the results of your previous emails to improvise the subject lines for better results.

  • Personalized copy

    Deep learning technology helps in drafting relevant email copy that appeals to the respective audience. It also offers tailor-made recommendations to optimize the content for different segments and individuals. Your subscribers are inundated with a huge number of emails and AI-powered copies can help you stay ahead of your competitors. Just make sure that you proofread the copy generated by the AI tool. Make sure that you instruct the tool to add emotions like empathy in it. Generally, the AI tools ask you for the tone you are looking for. Choose the right options according to the purpose of the email. is a good tool that facilitates the creation of winning copies to get maximum conversions from your emails.

  • Send-time optimization

    Send-time optimization is a crucial aspect of email marketing. The time the subscriber received the email influences whether or not they will take action. Indeed, every subscriber accesses their emails at different times. AI evaluates the subscriber’s behavior and activity history to determine the best time to send them emails.

  • Better deliverability rate

    AI can help you create different email marketing sub-campaigns to enhance email delivery. It also helps to maintain list hygiene and keep the bounce rate under control. AI-driven technology helps clean the email database and delete the dormant subscribers from the email list.

  • Multivariate and A/B testing

    Traditional A/B testing is passé. AI-backed technology helps in recognizing patterns and making correct predictions on what’s working. Certainly, it helps in identifying differences between the tests without overlooking the minute details. There are some AI platforms that even help in optimizing the campaigns instantly so that the conversion rate is not hampered.

  • Smart segmentation

    Imagine manually segmenting the subscribers based on demographics, purchase behavior, and other advanced parameters relevant to your business. Wouldn’t it be exhausting? That’s exactly why AI proves to be a boon for marketers. AI uses innovative algorithms and data-driven insights to segment subscribers. They take into consideration the trends such as demographics and past purchases to understand the customers and employ smart segmentation.

  • More effective automation workflows

    AI automation facilitates the processes involved in marketing. The tool can determine the triggers for automated emails and draft compelling copy. Indeed, it can even identify the user’s interest and intent and create lead nurturing campaigns that work.

Wrapping Up

AI helps overcome all the human errors and biases, thereby building more sophisticated email campaigns. It not only helps save time but also increases the overall performance of your email campaigns. Of course, it does not mean that you can do away with human talent. The bottom line is that combining the best AI tool with a talented resource can take your email marketing to the next level and impart a delightful subscriber experience.

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