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New Bank Built To Serve Small Businesses – Truly Financial

New Bank Built To Serve Small Businesses – Truly Financial

Recently, I opened up a new bank account. It was a different experience than with a traditional bank. This new business banking service, a partner of is Truly Financial.

For a growing business, we have several financial challenges. 

  • How do we pay our team and manage their expenses? Especially those team members who are global/international
  • A bank that has easy and fast customer service and support
  • Global currency payments

Another challenge is that unless you’re a very big business with lots of money, you won’t get the attention and top-tier banking products from your traditional bank.

Built for Small Business

In opening my new business bank account, I didn’t have to go into a branch, wait in line or hear “elevator music”.

It took about 8 minutes to apply to open an account – fast. I simply took a photo of my driver’s license and then used their secure identification process to verify my ID with their biometric technology.

Truly Financial, is a fresh and convenient way of banking that provides business financial services perfect for today’s modern way of banking.

Truly Financial has a core of four features:

  • No monthly fees or minimum deposits.
  • Visa cards, for you and your team to access your bank account.
  • Receive and hold money in 33 currencies
  • Send payments worldwide

Small Business Benefits

For small teams or businesses just starting out you can opt for the free plan. This is great if you have low transaction volume. With this plan, almost all of the services are free.

If you have a higher transaction volume – CONGRATULATIONS. You can opt to pay a small monthly fee and pay $25 a month for all your transactions.

If you’re looking for lower fees and faster transactions, Truly Financial is the bank for you.

Not only did I open an account but I also tested how fast the online customer service was. It was fast.

Truly Financial was founded by Kanchan Kumar and Sandeep Todi. Both have years of experience in business finances and have a passion for small business success.

As your business grows and even as you’re just starting out, where you bank and how you bank is so important. Your “old bank” has served you for years. Is it time to consider a new type of banking? Built from the ground up to service the needs of business owners.

Check out Truly Financial and let me know how it goes. When you open your account, you can apply to enter my $5,000 give away. More details here.

Open a new Truly Financial account here

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