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News: 50% of Your Customers Abandon Shopping Carts if Your Pages Are not Fast Enough

News: 50% of Your Customers Abandon Shopping Carts if Your Pages Are not Fast Enough

Is your eCommerce website struggling to increase the conversion rate? Do your customers abandon shopping carts a lot? If your answer to these questions is yes, don’t conclude that something is wrong with your products or marketing. My friend, the main deal-breaker can be your eCommerce website speed.

According to the latest survey by, 1 in 2 customers abandon their shopping carts if they find pages are not loading fast enough. What’s more, your business can leave a negative impression on customers because of slow-website speed.

Being a small business owner yourself, you should improve your eCommerce website speed as a slow website means a loss of sales.

How Site Speed Affects Conversions

Long gone are days when the Internet speed would test the patience of users.

Nowadays, people have uninterrupted access to high-speed broadband Internet at their homes and on the go through their smartphones. Consequently, your prospects and customers want your eCommerce website to load faster.

In fact, 39% of your customers expect your web pages to take 2-3 seconds to load, as the survey reported. And 14% of your website visitors want your pages to load in 1 second.

Here are additional findings from the survey, which you must know to improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce website:

  • Slow eCommerce website pages are the top source of frustration for 21% of online shoppers
  • eCommerce websites that load slowly leave a negative impression on 45% of shoppers

Needless to say, website speed affects user experience adversely. Customer experience matters a lot. If customers aren’t happy with their experience the first time, they will not return to the website.

32% of customers are not likely to revisit the eCommerce website if they were not satisfied during their first visit. As dissatisfaction leads to lost sales, you cannot afford to have a slow website.

Now, people search more on their mobile devices than desktops. And Google considers website speed a ranking factor for mobile searches. That said, improving your eCommerce website speed can enhance your visibility in search results, which directly translates to increased sales.

Small business growth expert, Ramon Ray, says,

As a small business owner, you should note that poor website performance reflects poorly on your business. Acquiring new customers requires time, effort, and money. So you will commit a big business mistake if customers leave your website due to slow speed and never return.

How to Improve Your eCommerce Site Speed

None likes slow websites or apps. And for an eCommerce business owner, a slow website drags the conversion rate down.

Following are some practical tips to boost your site speed:

You can use the Lighthouse tool to get recommendations to improve the quality of your website.

About the Survey commissioned Pollfish to conduct the survey, which included 1,250 American adults. You can click here to learn more about the survey.

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