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Selling to Women? Think Like a Woman and Succeed in Sales.

Selling to Women? Think Like a Woman and Succeed in Sales.

Sales is about listening to and understanding the client’s needs. It’s about helping them to understand you have the solution to what they need. You can solve their problem.

Dr. Nadia Brown, founder of The Doyenne Agency, Inc., unpacked for the Smart Hustle community what we need to do to better excel at sales.

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Dr. Nadia Brown

Sales is not just about “selling” it’s also about ensuring you have the sales support in place.

Sales is also about hiring and training others to help you sell and scale yourself beyond just you.

If you’re the ONLY person doing sales in your company, how will it grow?

One of Dr. Nadia’s specialties is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is wherein, someone is calling or emailing you. You’re not going out and hunting them down.

They probably found you via an advertisement, social media or some method that causes them to connect.

A few of the ways sales professionals can be more successful in sales is:

  • Have conversations so you can learn more about what people are not getting about your offer.
  • Just listen.
  • Learn HOW to have a conversation with someone.
  • Don’t take things personally.
  • It’s not about YOU.
  • Follow-up is absolutely important in sales. Someone might forget, got distracted or needed to put off a decision. Follow up. If you don’t have a follow-up system, you’ll get busy and forget to follow up.

Dr. Nadia reminded us that, sales conversations start before the actual sales conversation.

One of Dr. Nadia’s specialties is helping women sell better and helping

How to sell to women

Women and men think differently.

God was pretty smart when he created our two genders to blend our different strengths together on this planet.

Dr. Nadia shared a powerful story, which illustrates how sales professionals can connect better with women.

Dr. Nadia and her team member were looking for an event space.

When they got to the venue, the salesperson explained that he had researched a bit about her.

In his research, he discovered that Dr. Nadia used to share how she often felt like a pink dot, amongst a sea of blue dots.

This was in reference to her previous work in corporate America as a women in a mostly male dominated space.

In honor of that comment, the sales person who was serving Dr. Nadia wore a pink tie.

Dr. Nadia explained that if you want to succeed in selling to women, understand how they think.

They’re very detailed. They often ask a lot of questions. They connect the dots.

Men are often quite different in how they think.

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