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Stop Self Sabotaging Your Success.

Stop Self Sabotaging Your Success.

Recently I was the judge of a competition. I’ve judged many competitions – with seasoned business owners and with young students. Most of the competitions are “fast-paced” and require a fast decision.

It’s NOT like Shark Tank where there can be 30 or more minutes of deliberation, then some due diligence afterward.

This contestant who lost, their technology was really nice and they seemed like a nice enough person.

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However, they lacked in so many areas.

  • As they turned their paper you could hear it rustle annoyingly.
  • Their face was covered with a mask.
  • They were reading their pitch.
  • They lacked excitement.

Yes, they were competing against 5 other strong contestants. However, they didn’t lose because of the other contestants they really lost against themself!

What about your business? Are you doing things that are causing you to lose? Are you self sabotaging your chances of winning?

Are you NOT doing things that are causing you to “lose” in the game of business?

Indeed, there are so many forces against us.

  • Your direct competition.
  • The market.
  • A lower price.
  • Better technology.

Tips for Self Improvement

As business owners what are things we can do, that we can control that will help us not cause ourselves to lose?

  1. Say thank you to each and every customer. (this builds loyalty)
  2. Express appreciation to your team. (appreciation is often more important than money)
  3. Shop at your competitors to know what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong.
  4. Keep in touch with your customers and ask questions. (know the problems before they get big)
  5. Follow up with future customers who are interested in buying from you.
  6. Ask your team what their goals and desires are and see how you can help them on their personal journeys
  7. Get mentorship, don’t try to build your business alone

These are just a few simple things every business owner can do to not cause themself to lose in the game of business.

Let’s go back to the pitch competition.

I’m sure the contestant did their best, but there were a few things they could have done that had NOTHING to do with the competition that might have earned them a winning spot.

What about you?

What things are you doing that are self-sabotaging yourself and your business.

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