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The 10 Best Lower Thirds Templates for Adobe After Effects

The 10 Best Lower Thirds Templates for Adobe After Effects

If you create videos in Adobe After Effects, you’re sure to need a lower thirds overlay. You’ll see these overlays covering the bottom third of a video and are used to add more detail.

Here are three popular ways that you’ll see lower thirds used in video productions:

  • Introducing a speaker by showing their name and title while being interviewed. This is popular in documentaries so that you understand a person’s relationship to the topic of the video.
  • List a location’s name or the dates that footage was recorded to give context for the scene.
  • Add an extra bit of data, like a statistic or fun fact that helps explain the situation.

The important part of using a lower thirds template is not blocking the main video content. That’s precisely how lower thirds get their name: they typically cover the bottom one-third of the screen. That ensures that your text doesn’t cover the scene or distract.

In this article, we will take a look at ten of the best Adobe After Effects lower thirds templates. You’ll see pre-designed lower thirds with most of the work already finished for you.

Remember that a template is only a starting point. Updating these templates with your brand colors, logo, and text is easy. Let’s dive in!

Lower Thirds Template

The best lower thirds templates give you options. Don’t think you’re limited to simple rectangles to show a speaker’s name.

An Adobe After Effects lower thirds pack like this one includes many styles for creating an overlay. Mix and match the zoom, color, and animation options to create lower thirds that compliment your video.

Lower Thirds Maker

Are you looking for flexibility? This After Effects lower thirds download is more than a simple graphic. It’s more like a mini-app that lives inside of After Effects. That app helps you generate multiple lower thirds that match your style.

As you can see in the preview, it includes easy-to-tweak options. Learning to use this fully-featured lower thirds maker means you may never need another template!

Minimal Lower Thirds for After Effects

Minimalism is one of the best design principles for using a lower thirds template. Use a graphic overlay that doesn’t conflict with your video but complements it.

The point of using a lower third graphic is to add to your video without distracting from the footage. Minimalism helps you find that balance by using just enough visual flair.

Modern Lower Thirds Template

Modern designs use trendy effects like gradients and bouncy animations. This lower thirds pack includes those current design trends and makes it smooth to add them to your video.

These lower thirds overlays are also perfect if you want to focus on your brand. Many of the included effects include logo placeholders that make it possible to include your company’s identity.

Clean Lower Thirds Template for After Effects

Inside this lower thirds pack, you’ve got 12 unique animations that are easy to customize. Some of the animations include multiple lines of text so that you can add more than just a name, for example.

This type of title pack works perfectly for documentary films, for example, where adding a speaker’s name and title is highly illustrative. This set of lower thirds templates includes resolutions up to 4K for top-quality productions.

20 Modern Titles vol.2

You’ll find over 20 effects in this lower thirds template pack, but it includes even more power than that. With the help of easy duration controls, you can adjust the animation speed of a lower thirds template.

That helps you match the effect to the tone and style of your video with just a few clicks! The template follows an easy layered structure so that it’s easy to update with your color scheme. Make this template your own with only a few clicks.

22 After Effects Lower Thirds Templates

There’s a template for every style, and this lower thirds effect proves it. You have 22 starting designs to work with. Plus, the ability to easily change the color and animation settings means that you can generate a limitless number of finished effects.

This template is really easy to customize in Adobe After Effects to focus your efforts on the rest of the production.

Lower Thirds 4K Template

The Adobe After Effects templates in this round-up range from simple to dramatic. Believe it or not, a lower thirds template can draw the audience’s attention with the right animations and style.

This template has been designed to draw more attention than the others in this template. Use it when you know that it’s crucial that your viewer sees a speaker’s name or other key details.

Quick Lower Thirds for After Effects

Quick lower thirds effects are popular for a reason. Remember that your effect should never divert the viewer from the video content.

When you use a quick lower thirds template, you show information without stealing the viewer’s attention for too long. This template gives you 15 options, each with a common goal: show information, then get out of the way!

Simple Minimal Lower Third Templates

Here’s another minimal lower thirds template that uses just enough animation to command attention. Thanks to a unique “tile” effect to animate the lower thirds, this template is less obtrusive than most.

There are multiple options included in this lower thirds titles download, ranging from single text lines to designs that feature your logo.

Start Using Lower Thirds Graphics in After Effects Today

Lower thirds graphics prove a classic design principles: less can be more.

A simple overlay can introduce a speaker, add key facts, or add a location’s name. The animations you see in this article are used not only to create a lower thirds but also to draw attention.

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