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Tips For Writing Networking Emails

Tips For Writing Networking Emails

What Are Networking Emails?  

Networking emails make new connections and relationships for business purposes and for increasing your circle of influence. For these reasons, networking emails are used extensively. Achieving your goals is not easy and possible if you want to promote your organization, and services alone. For this specific point, people around the world utilize this method of expansion. It’s a professional way of offering and encouraging others to trust you. 

As mentioned above it’s a highly delicate way of showing your professionalism. Therefore, it requires the perfect way to reach out to like-minded people on the internet. 

Top 5 Tips for Writing Networking Emails for Successful Relationship Building

Networking emails are one of the best solutions for many new start-ups entering for the first time with no previous experience. Thus, they lack in almost every aspect of the client and customer relationship-building segment. Let us share with you the top 5 tips that will make this process easy to understand and implement in your organization in an interesting way.

1. Have a Striking Introduction

An introduction is the most important part of the whole system of the email networking process. In the world of 5G internet and latency-free connectivity, everyone has a digital presence. Yet, not enough time for taking out emails from strangers.

Similarly having a less powerful and irrelevant introduction is like banging doors of an empty house and expecting a response. Until or unless you introduce yourself and your commercial entity in the exact manner required it is a guaranteed failure.

An example can be started by writing “Hi, Hello, Greetings, Good Morning, Good Afternoon.” After that, you can introduce yourself in a polite manner by your complete name. Don’t say “please help me” or “need urgent help”, or “please add me or accept my services” in your intro.

2. Choose an Appropriate Subject

After having a good introduction, it’s time to add a subject that you want him/her to focus on and think about. It should be relevant to need and jargon-free.

An example of this can be “a new email marketing service requires your expertise.” Please do remember to do grammar and spell check in English if you are a foreigner and writing to a native English speaker.

Your subject will say enough about your purpose of getting connected and having a good conversation with other players in the industry and give you a good insight.

3. Have Good Research

One good practice before reaching out to someone complete stranger is to do your research and homework. If you want to expand your connections via effective networking emails then research is one thing that should be given high priority.

You can Google the person’s name, company name, and designation in the organization. After that, you can use LinkedIn for getting as much accurate information as you can.

Usually, people have all the information regarding their backgrounds like high school, college, and certain technical skills. It’s also possible that you might also have some history that will help you converse with any executive or company official. By seeing their LinkedIn profile, you will see their connections as well and that will provide an insight into their circle of friends and influence.

4. Try to Win Trust by Admiration

Giving a genuine and authentic admiration of someone’s work is of utmost importance. If they have done something significant like winning a “state high school basketball championship” then admire that it’s an achievement that has served as an example for the next coming generation, etc.

Doing this will surely result in a quick response from the person of interest. Just make sure to double-check the information. Because Google and other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter might not show exact or updated information.

5. Try to Convey the Message in Short and Concise Words

Choosing short words over longer ones is a wise step and results well. Also, little sentences make more sense in reading them and understanding the context. Lengthy messages are even very easy but psychologically they are ignored. This is due to the time taken in reading them and answering them appropriately.

A short networking email about your requirement and the responder’s interest has a higher chance of success. Therefore, make your words and their context precise and as short as possible with close-ended questions that will let you evaluate the rate of bounced ones.


Email marketing is tricky and requires much expertise before you start typing. But having complete information about the person of interest, and his/her experience relevant to your services will give you an edge on getting a proper and prompt response. These steps mentioned above are comprehensive enough to give you a complete and holistic approach to the entire system of writing networking emails in no time.

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