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Zoho Marketing Plus Is A Powerful Solution for Total Marketing

Zoho Marketing Plus Is A Powerful Solution for Total Marketing

Marketing is not easy. So many companies use a variety of tools, apps, sticky notes and Excel to manage their marketing.

You’ve got the copywriter, the designer, the brand manager and other people all involved.

The challenge?

How do they communicate, follow up, keep track of deadlines and so much more.

Thankfully there’s a better solution than trying to wade through emails, inboxes and more.

Zoho Marketing Plus is the game-changing platform to help you bring your marketing together under one solution.

This unified marketing platform has an easy-to-use dashboard optimized for your entire marketing needs.

Need to gauge how your A/B tests are working? Zoho Marketing Plus can help.

Need to follow up on your webinar activity? Zoho Marketing Plus can help.

One of the challenges with marketing is NOT the marketing itself, it’s ensuring your team is aligned and understanding what’s working and what’s not working. This is the power of Zoho Marketing Plus.

Zoho Marketing Plus is not just about planning your campaign, but you can also use it to execute your campaigns. Keep in mind Zoho has an array of solutions to help just about every aspect of your marketing as well – email, SMS, social and more.

The assets you use in your marketing can be challenging to keep track of as well. Sure you can use Dropbox, but wouldn’t it be great if your marketing team had their marketing assets within easy reach within their marketing dashboard. Well with Zoho Marketing Plus, that’s the case!

One of the biggest challenges marketers have had – since marketing and advertising was invented is MEASUREMENT.

Marketing ROI Dashboard

By leveraging the power of Zoho Marketing Plus you can also integrate analytics into tracking the metrics of your marketing campaigns. The cost? The roi? The lead conversation rate? It’s all there.

Website Heat Map Report

If you’re an agency, looking to support multiple clients, leverage Zoho Marketing Plus.

If you’re a growing business and your team needs ONE place to rally around to save time and work better together, definitely check out Zoho Marketing Plus.


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