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4 Brand Benefits of Video Testimonials

4 Brand Benefits of Video Testimonials

There is no greater resource than your present happy customers. Especially when it comes to selling your products and services to new prospects. While you can use their written words on your website or social media platforms, a video testimonial is much more impactful. It’s one of your most powerful brand benefits.

Unlike blocks of texts, videos are attention-grabbing, entertaining, and sharable in today’s internet environment. In addition, video testimonials effectively increase engagement, brand recognition, and foster a positive customer experience.

If you are yet to implement this marketing strategy, here are a few significant brand benefits of testimonial videos you should know about.

1. Videos enhance brand credibility and trust.

Building credibility is one of the most important brand benefits of using customer testimonials in video marketing.

Video testimonials allow potential customers to learn about your products and services through other people’s honest opinions.

Additionally, customers are significantly more inclined to trust the word of a friend or past customers than yours. This is mainly because they can watch and hear what others think about your products.

As a result, using video testimonials will help you increase your brand’s credibility and trust with your target audience.

2. Testimonials enhance your online visibility.

Another benefit of video testimonials is that they improve your online visibility.

In today’s internet-based culture, businesses cannot afford to ignore the importance of having a strong online presence. Sharing videos is simple, and the visual appeal is more than enough to entice others to do so.

Therefore, using a video testimonial landing page can help demonstrate how your goods or services help customers achieve their objectives. You encourage happy customers to share with others, thus improving your SEO and attracting more traffic.

3. Video strengthens emotional connection.

The ability to see the face and feelings of the person providing the testimony is much more powerful than just reading a block of text.

Videos catch all of the facial expressions and tone changes, making it easy for the viewer to resonate with the content. This gives the video a sense of genuineness, which helps you connect with your viewers on an emotional level.

By creating an emotional connection, your video testimonials persuade the audience that they, too, can reap the same rewards from your product or service.

Therefore, to drive higher conversions, be sure to capture personal insights when planning your questions, conversing with your customer, or editing your videos.

4. Testimonials make your brand more real.

The loss of human-to-human interaction is one of the major challenges for online businesses. When you shop online, you don’t get the human interaction you would have if you went into a brick-and-mortar store.

Even though many online enterprises are effective in their operations, they are devoid of the personal touch. An excellent solution to this problem is using video testimonials.

Video testimonials make it easy to humanize your business. You can showcase your product in action and interact with customers.

With such an in-store experience, your customers will feel more confident that you are the ideal fit for their requirements. Reason? Because they can see a customer who has reaped the benefits of your product or service and get convinced that they, too, can enjoy the same benefits.

Wrapping Up

Customers are more likely to pay attention to video testimonials than text-based sales presentations. They are far more fascinating and distinctive.

A recent survey found that 26 percent of video viewers looked for extra information on the video’s linked company, and 15 percent went to the shop which uploaded the video. Therefore, using video testimonials in your marketing can make more people know about your business and become your customers.

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