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Career Path: The Do’s

Career Path: The Do’s

Most professionals want an upward career path with frequent promotions. The aim is to boost our promotion rate and hence our growth angle.

For instance, how career helpful is that geometry class? Focus on these personal branding criteria to speed up the process and get frequent promotions.

Boss Career IQ

To succeed, you must assist your employer in achieving. That includes understanding your boss’s demands and preferences.

Know what your employer dislikes that you love and excel at. Offer to help your employer.

Mode of communication can include video calls, email, instant messaging. Duration can be brief bursts of information, extensive sessions covering many subjects. Frequency might be daily check-ins or less frequent but lengthier encounters.

Also, honestly praise your boss’s strengths and achievements. Making your employer’s life easy shows your brand and talents that suggest “I’m ready for a promotion.”

In the words of executive coach Ora Shull, this implies they, like us, require affirmation, attention, and appreciation. Say something kind to your supervisor if you see anything extraordinary.


Self-centered individuals seldom get promoted, even though they are occasionally exceptional workers.

Some executives reserve promotions for individuals that assist and devote themselves to people around them. Employees who prefer to work alone might be detrimental to the firm.

Instead, recognizing, mentoring, and supporting others shows actual leadership abilities. Join the team. Aim to please your coworkers, clients (internal/external), and everyone else in the office.

Offer to mentor the new employee or intern. Become recognized as the team’s “glue.” Your employer and other corporate executives will notice.

Ora continues, If “tooting your own horn” seems daunting, start by “tooting your orchestra.” Your orchestra is the individuals you work with and for. To laud them is to highlight their achievements.

A colleague’s success will make you shine.

Stable Excellence

Bring your A-game. We want to come across A-players sometimes. They’re constantly on. Engaged. They take action.

Even if you have a poor day, people will remember your unwavering dedication, boundless enthusiasm, and willingness to support the team and corporate objective.

Don’t allow mediocrity to become part of your brand.

Engage in self-promotion by showcasing results without pretense or embellishment.

Career Mastery

Meetings are, without a doubt, the most influential corporate personal brand builders. They allow you to exchange ideas, skills, and assistance.

They’re where you’re most visible to individuals you want to influence. Prepare and provide value to meetings so you become recognized as the one who makes encounters more fruitful.

And, as said before, make all meetings count. This isn’t possible in all meetings. You must always leave your mark and provide value.

Meetings are the most obvious way to show you’re ready for the next step and not part of the Great Resignation. You’re missing out on brand-building possibilities by scanning through phone texts.

Asking a simple question may make you a meeting leader. Listen for logical or creative gaps. Don’t be afraid to ask the crucial question.

Personal Growth

Those who advance constantly learn and improve. Business change is speeding up. The only way to remain relevant is to accept change.

This necessitates constant learning. The last two years have shown how many developments may occur at once. Among others are the increasing use of AI, robots, and data.

When working from home, you must show value. Assist the mental health issues of coworkers who feel disconnected. Demonstrate the need for increased diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Consequently, mastering video will prove to be a critical communication medium. You may become the storm-ready navigator by honing your skills.

Ora warns us not to hide our academic accomplishments. She advises keeping your target informed about your professional growth, unique initiatives, and significant achievements. It’s never boasting if you concentrate on the facts of your work and successes.

Career Alignment

Check your alignment. Therefore, the ideal job and business for you.

This is crucial. Executives find it harder to promote someone when they don’t fit in. And a promotion won’t always solve your problems. This is the most significant aspect by far.

Assess yourself by questioning yourself:

  • Is this business suitable for me?
  • Am I inspired?
    Does it fit with my values?
  • Are my contributions valued and helpful to the company’s mission?
  • Are there prospects for advancement that meet my professional goals?
  • Can I picture myself staying here for years to come?

The Great Resignation continues as employees at all high-profile companies depart to explore new positions or entrepreneurship.

However, you can focus on these six areas to ensure your name is first on the list.

Consequently, there is no room for temporizing or for waffling. Stick to your guns.

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